Wilthorpe space


Question: Who was the first dog to reach space?
Answer: Laika the stray dog

Question: What was the name of the monkey who went into space?
Answer: Yorick the monkey

Question: Did a chimpanzee ever go into space?
Answer: Yes a chimpanzee did go in space and he was called ham

Question: Is it true that 13 mice went into space?
Answer: Yes and once 13 dogs went to space with a monkey

Question: Was there a second dog in space ?
Answer: Yes and her name was Belka


Question: Is Uranus the seventh planet from the sun?

Answer: Yes it is the seventh planet from the sun and it is very cold

Question: Is Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system ?
Answer: Yes Jupiter is very large

Question: Does Venus have any gravity ?
Answer: Yes it has the same gravity as the earth

Question: Is it true that mars is called the red planet ?
Answer: Yes because it has red dust and ice

Question: Is Pluto the coldest and darkest planet ?
Answer: Yes it's also the furthest from the sun


Question: Who was the man to space walk ?
Answer: Alexi leonve was the first man to spacewalk for 20 minutes

Question: Why do Astronauts wear spacesuits ?
Answer: They have to wear spacesuits to breath and it stop them from floating around

Question: How did Neil Armstrong become an astronaut ?
Answer: He set first foot on the moon

Question: Who was the first female to reach space?
Answer: The first women to reach space was valentina tereshkova

Question: Who was the second women in space?
Answer: Svetlana savitshaya was the first women to spacewalk

Moon and sun

Question: Could over a million planets fit on the sun?
Answer: Yes they can and people don't believe that the sun is a star

Question: Is it too hot to get close to and why?
Answer: It's too hot to get close to because its a burning ball of gas
And a burning ball of fire

Question: Is the moon a planet?
Answer: The moon isn't a planet but a satellite of the earth

Question: Is the moon made out of cheese?
Answer: People say the moon is made out of cheese and people say cheese it's from
The moon but actually the moon is made out of rock

Question: How old is the moon ?
Answer: The moon is 200 to 400 years old

Space facts

Question: People live on earth do people live on other planets
Answer: Earth is the only planet we know that suports

Question: Can you see Uranus ?
Answer: No because of the storms and clouds

Question: Why does Saturn have a ring round it?
Answer: Saturn has a ring to protect it

Question: Name the planets including the sun and moon in
Souler system? In order
Answer: Moon,sun,mercury,Venus,earth,mars,Jupiter,Saturn,
Uranus,Neptune and pluto

P.s. Pluto is a star and planet

Question: Is Venus a dangerous planet?
Answer: Yes because it has acid which is deadly poisonous clouds
Also Venus is almost has big as earth