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"We," "eQuizShow," "the website," and "eQuizShow.com" all refer to this website, equizshow.com.

"Template," "quiz show," "quiz," and "presentation" all refer to quizzes created and/or edited on eQuizShow.


1. eQuizShow content ownership rights

By creating and putting information into a template on our site, you acknowledge that eQuizShow.com reserves all content rights.

We may edit, delete, or redistribute your template for any reason. For instance, we may delete templates that are inactive for a period of time and/or other reasons that we see fit.

2. User content ownership rights

A user who creates a template never has the right to ask for a copy of all of the information in that template, even if eQuizShow.com decides to delete or alter the template.

A user does not have the right to delete his/her template. A user can ask eQuizShow to delete a template from our system, but eQuizShow might not comply, depending on our opinion, for any reason.

3. Private information

If a user includes private information in one or more of his/her templates, the user can ask for the entire template or templates to be removed from our system. eQuizShow reserves the right to deny this request for any reason.

4. Spam or inappropriate content

If eQuizShow feels that a template contains sexual, gruesome, inappropriate, or spam containing material, eQuizShow will delete that template immediately. If you would like to report a template, please contact support(at)equizshow(dot)com.

5. Copyright infringement

If a template contains information protected by copyright law, eQuizShow will delete it immediately. If you would like to report a template, please contact support(at)equizshow(dot)com.

6. User accounts (New as of 5/30/14)

Any user who creates an account on eQuizShow agrees to these Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

7. Definition of "Lifetime" (New as of 5/30/14)

All lifetime memberships are valid for the duration of eQuizShow's lifetime. If eQuizShow shuts down for any reason, user accounts will be withdrawn without refund.

Privacy Policy

eQuizShow will not publish user feedback without the user's permission. Additionally, eQuizShow will not give out your email, name, or other personal information (collectively, "private information") for any reason. However, if any user puts any form of private information into a template, we reserve the right to not delete it.

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