The Americas

First Americas

Question: The first people that got to the Americas by crossing a landbridge that is now called this:
Answer: Bering Strait

Question: It is believed that the early people of the Americas crossed by either crossing the land bridge or by doing this:
Answer: Taking boats across

Question: This region sits in between North America and South America; more specifically includes Southern Mexico and northern Central America.
Answer: Mesoamerica

Question: Maize, a type of this food, was first grown in Mesoamerica.
Answer: Corn

Question: This is the first complex civilization of the Americas.
Answer: Olmec

The Maya

Question: The Maya had a writing system similar to this civilization.
Answer: Egypt

Question: Give me one reason for the fall of the Maya.
Answer: (Many answers)

Question: The Maya came up with a number system that included the first use of this, represented by a shell:

Answer: 0 "Zero"

Question: Why did Mayan cities battle each other?
Answer: Control of Land

Question: True or False: The Maya classical age lasted from 100-101 CE.
Answer: False

The Aztecs

Question: Aqueducts were built leading into Tenochtitlan that brought fresh what to the city
Answer: Water

Question: True or False: Disease was a reason for the rise of the Aztecs.
Answer: False

Question: The Aztecs needed to be able to grow crops in Tenochtitlan. This invention helped them.
Answer: Chinampas

Question: This man conquered the Aztec.
Answer: Hernan Cortes

Question: This was the name of the Aztec leader whom was captured by the Spanish and was killed in the confusion of the conquest.
Answer: Moctezuma II

The Inca

Question: The Inca had massive buildings made of what material
Answer: Stone

Question: True or False: One of the reasons for the fall of the Inca is because of better weapons of the English, their conquerors.
Answer: False

Question: This is one way that the Incas adapted to their environment, which means clearing land on a mountain to create short, flat plains to grow crops.
Answer: Terracing

Question: This man conquered the Inca and he was from what country.
Answer: Francicso Pizarro; Spain

Question: This is the mountain chain that the Incas lived on and near:
Answer: Andes

Everything Else!

Question: Who were the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas trying to make happy by sacrificing food cloth, and in some cases, humans?
Answer: Gods

Question: True or False: Slaves were a part of the Inca upper class.
Answer: False

Question: The Spanish came to the New World in search of this metal.
Answer: Gold

Question: The Aztec, Inca and Maya were all this, which meant they worshipped multiple Gods.
Answer: Polytheistic

Question: True or False: Electricity, writing, and scientific study are all signs of a complex, urban civilization.
Answer: False