History exam review

chapter 15

Question: Where did the Renaissance begin?
Answer: italy

Question: What is the focus on visual arts?
Answer: humanism;human form and nature

Question: What was Francesco Petarch's work?
Answer: He loved the classics and focused on love and nature

Question: What did the anabaptists believe in?
Answer: They believed that people should not be baptized when they are infants

Question: What did John Calvin believe in?
Answer: He believed that faith alone could win salvation and that God determined long ago who would be saved.This was called predestination.

chapter 16

Question: Which explorer explored the cape of good hope and landed in Calicut india?
Answer: Vasco da Gama

Question: Where is the Iberian peninsula located?
Answer: portugal and spain

Question: What was some stuff that europeans got from china?
Answer: silk,jade,and prociean

Question: Which explorer explored and landed in africa's western coast?
Answer: Bartolomeu Dias

Question: Which explorer wanted to reach the lands of india,but traveled to portugal and spain and landed in the Caribbean?
Answer: Christopher Columbus

chapter 17

Question: What is the aztec empire's capital?
Answer: tenochititlain

Question: What is the triangular trade?
Answer: the trade of enslaved africans was part of a larger trade pattern

Question: Who were the people that fought in french and indian war?
Answer: they were from british america and new france

Question: What was the journey of slaves called?
Answer: the middle passage

Question: What were the slaves traded for?
Answer: raw materials

chapter 18

Question: What is the spanish armada?
Answer: a huge fleet of warships

Question: What is the inquisition?
Answer: there was tortuering for religious reasons and it lasted over 300 years

Question: How long did Peter the great rule for Russia?
Answer: from 1689 to 1725

Question: Who was the ruler that stopped the parliament?
Answer: Oliver cromwell

Question: What did Catherine the great encourage in Russia?
Answer: education

chapter 19

Question: What did enlightenment thinkers believe in?
Answer: They believed that science and natural laws would bring people to a more enlightened state

Question: What did napoleon's empire fight against?
Answer: russia

Question: What year did the industrial revolution begin?
Answer: 1760

Question: How did the industrial revolution impact people's lives?
Answer: there was a spread of disease,harsh working conditions,and a large amount of money

Question: How did the french revolution start?
Answer: because people wanted to overthrow a royal government