Unit 3 review


Question: This event led to the withdrawal of the southern states from the Union.
Answer: What is the election of Abraham Lincoln?

Question: This act of Congress was an attempt to solve the issue of slavery expanding in the new territories.
Answer: What is the Missouri Compromise?

Question: This term means that the people of the state decide if they want to have slavery or not.
Answer: What is popular sovereignty? 

Question: People of the north who opposed slavery and tried to stop its practice in America.
Answer: Who were abolitionists?

Question: This court case said that slaves could not sue in a court of law because they were property and not citizens.
Answer: What was Dred Scott v. Sanford?

The Civil War

Question: This act of aggression was the first battle of the Civil War.
Answer: What was the attack on Fort Sumter?

Question: The two presidents during the Civil War.
Answer: Who are Lincoln and Davis?

Question: This was the major strategy used by the Union during the war.
Answer: What was the Anaconda Plan?

Question: The Confederacy tried to get these two countries to help them during the war.
Answer: Who are Britain and France?

Question: This person shot Abraham Lincoln in 1865.
Answer: Who is John Wilkes Booth?


Question: This "First" battle was in July of 1861, that lasted only five hours and forced the Confederacy to retreat.
Answer: What is is the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas?

Question: This battle was a major turning point in the Civil War and enabled the Union to gain control of the Mississippi River.
Answer: What is the Battle of Vicksburg?

Abraham Lincoln delivered this famous speech on November 19, 1861 to a crowd to dedicate this National Cemetery to fallen soldiers.

What is the Gettysburg Address?

Question: After General Sherman captured Atlanta, he kept on to which ocean, eventually capturing Savannah, GA.
Answer: What is the Atlantic Ocean?

Question: This resolution by President Lincoln allowed many African Americans to join the Union army.
Answer: What is the Emancipation Proclamation?


Question: This was the plan that Lincoln and later Johnson put into place after the Civil War.
Answer: What is the 10% Plan?

Question: These amendments were added to the Constitution after the Civil War ended.
Answer: What are the 13th -15th Amendments?

Question: This department was established to assist ex-slaves and poor whites with food, housing, education and legal assistance after the war.
What is the Freedmen's Bureau?

Question: This system was another form of slavery for African Americans after the war.
Answer: What was sharecropping? 

Question: This court case establishes the idea of "separate but equal."
Answer: What is Plessy v. Ferguson?

Throw Back

Question: Who were the first permanent settlers from England in the New World?
Answer: The Pilgrims

Question: Name the 3 regions of NC.
Answer: Coastal Plains, Piedmont, Mountains

Question: What was the Proclamation of 1763?
Answer: Prevented settling past the Appalachian Mountains.

This was the "shot heard around the world."

Answer: What is the Battle of Lexington and Concord?

Question: This president is responsible for the doubling of the US in 1803.
Answer: Who is Thomas Jefferson?