Mrs.Horn's Alcohol Jeopardy


Question: state in which a person is impaired by alcohol
Answer: intoxication

Question: consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol at one sitting
Answer: binge drinking

Question: period of time that a drinker cannot recall
Answer: blackout

Question: taking so much of a drug that it leads to coma or death
Answer: overdose

Question: amount of alcohol in a person's blood
Answer: BAC

More Terms

Question: A substance that causes changes in a person's body or behavior when it is consumed.
Answer: drug

Question: a drug that causes the brain and body reaxctions to slow down
Answer: depressant

Question: the process that produces alcohol
Answer: fermentation

Question: a policy about underage drinking that means that minors are punished for being caught with any amount of alcohol
Answer: zero-tolerance

Question: BAC is an acronym for what three words?
Answer: blood alcohol concentration

Alcohol and the Body

Question: What does alcohol due to body temperature?
Answer: It causes it to decrease.

Question: Alcohol causes the kidneys to produce more of what?
Answer: urine

Question: When alcohol has this effect the person may stumble or fall down.
Answer: coordination

Question: What does alcohol do to reflexes?
Answer: slows them

Question: Alcohol decreases a person's natural fears while at the same time affecting their j______________.
Answer: judgement


Question: How much alcohol is oxidized per hour?
Answer: 1/2 to 1 ounce

Question: Compare the amount of alcohol in a 12 ounce (4%) beer, a 1.25 ounce (40%) hard liquor, and a 5 ounce (10%) glass of wine. Also which has the most alcohol a 12 oz bottle of beer that is 4% or a 24 ounce can of beer that is 3%?
Answer: they all contain the same amount and a 24 oz bottle of beer that is 3% contains more alcohol.

Question: True or False. At the same rate and amount of alcohol consumption males will generally have a lower BAC.
Answer: True. This is due to the fact that with guys a larger portion of the alcohol gets metabolized in the stomach before it enters the bloodstream and the liver is more efficient at metabolizing alcohol in males.

Question: In general, do smaller or larger people have a higher BAC after a similar number of drinks?
Answer: smaller

Question: What effect does an empty stomach have on BAC?
Answer: It increases it due to the alcohol getting into the bloodstream faster.


Question: Is alcohol a depressant or stimulant?
Answer: Alcohol is a depressant.

Question: Alcohol is the __________________ most widely used drug among high school students.
Answer: 2nd

Question: True or False. Peers, family, and the media strongly influence teen drinking.
Answer: True.

Question: Are teens who use alcohol more likely to have alcohol problems later in life?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it possible for a teen to be sent to prison for drinking and driving?
Answer: Yes.