OGT flash card review

Turn of the century

Question: What was progressivism?
Answer: Group working to bring positive social change-better working conditions, shorter hours, safer proudcts.

Question: What are some of the effects of immigration on American society?
Answer: housing patterns (Little Italy, Chinatown), languages, religions, foods, education used to create a common culture

Question: What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: changed how and where things were made, factories, working conditions and hours

Question: What is the impact of imperialism?
Answer: cheap labor, inventions and technology spread, spread of religion, colonies started speaking imperialistic countries language,

Question: What two groups formed in the US to reform society after the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: the Populists (to help farmers) and the Progressives (to help city workers)

World Wars

Question: What are the four causes of World War I?
Answer: M=militarism

Question: What are some results from World War II?
Answer: United Nations was formed, Israel was established, European colonies were given independence, US and USSR became superpowers, arms race started

Question: Identify one conflict from the Cold War and explain what it was.
Answer: Berlin Airlift-dropping supplies to the Eastern side of Berlin to prevent Stalin from taking over all of the city of Berlin
Cuban Missile Crisis-Russians put nuclear weapons in Cuba, US and USSR almost start WWIII
Korean War and Vietnam War-to stop the spread of communism

Question: Why did the Soviet Union collapse ending the Cold War?
Answer: Could not afford the arms race with the US
ethnic minorities want independence
global decline of communism

Question: What are some contemporary conflicts that have their roots in WWII and the Cold War?
Answer: civil wars in Africa because of bad colonial divisions
Middle East-Palestinian/Israeli conflicts
Ethnic cleansing in Europe


Question: How can a citizen participate in a democracy?
Answer: Run for office, vote in elections, volunteer for the military, protest.

Question: How can a citizen participate in a theocracy?
Answer: Citizens are expected to practice their religion faithfully

Question: What two types of governments exist where citizens do not participate at all?
Answer: Absolute Monarchy and Dictatorship

Question: How has our constitution been changed by amendments?
Answer: 19th amendment-gave women the right to vote
26th amendment-lowered the voting age to 18

Question: In the US, how do the rights of individuals get balanced against the needs of the nation?
Answer: Individual freedoms are sometimes restricted in times of war or natural disasters.


Question: What is a monopoly?
Answer: When one company has complete control over an industry and there is no competition.

Question: What is the difference between a market economy and a command economy?
Answer: In a market economy, People own everything, people are free to decide what they do and what they buy.

In a command economy, the government owns everything and tells everyone what to make, what to buy, and how they will live.

Question: What is the Federal Reserve?
Answer: Central banking system that controls the flow of money in the economy.

Question: What does the economic term "specialization" mean?
Answer: A person or industry to focus on one part of a job or type of labor and become very good and cheap at it.

Question: What are the fundamental economic questions?
Answer: What should be produced?
How should it be produced?
Who should get what is produced?

Surprise me

Question: What are some factors that influence human migration?
Answer: Push factors-religious persecution, wars, crime, corrupt government

Pull factors-jobs, safety, better life for children, religious freedom

Question: How can you evaluate a source for reliability?
Answer: detect bias, propaganda, look for unsupported generalizations, determine if it is a primary or secondary source

Question: How are Plessy v Ferguson and Brown v Board of Education related?
Answer: Plessy made it legal to segregate people and Brown said that facilities had to be desegregated.

Question: How did the enlightenment affect the relationship between citizens and their government?
Answer: Before the enlightenment, government told people what to do. After the enlightenment, people elected governments that do what most people want them to do.

Question: Identify the political events that reflect the expansion and growth of the US government.
Answer: New Deal and job creation
Wartime mobilization and the draft
Cold War and the Space Race