American Revolution G7


Question: This man led the Continental Army
Answer: George Washington

Question: This man wrote the pamphlet Common Sense
Answer: Thomas Paine

Question: This man negotiated peace after the American Revolution
Answer: Ben Franklin

Question: This man was considered a naval hero for the patriots but a pirate to the British
Answer: John Paul Jones

Question: This man was a Frenchman who volunteered to serve in the Continental Army
Answer: Marquis de Lafayette


Question: This battle was the turning point in the American Revolution
Answer: Saratoga

Question: Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas eve to fight this battle which turned out to be a win for the Patriots
Answer: Battle of Trenton

Question: This is the state the Battle of Saratoga took place in.
Answer: New York

Question: This was the last major battle of the American Revolution
Answer: Yorktown

Question: This battle proved that the Patriots could stand up to the British
Answer: Battle of Bunker Hill

Declaring Independence

Question: This is the full date the Declaration of Independence was approved
Answer: July 4, 1776

Question: This person wrote the Declaration of Independence
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Question: This is what the Declaration of Independence declared
Answer: Independence from Britain

Question: These are two reasons the colonists wanted to break away from the British
Answer: Imposing Taxes
Closed Boston Harbor
Persecuting innocent citizens

Question: These were the 3 groups of people the Declaration did not include
Answer: Women, Native Americans, Africans

The British

Question: These were colonists who chose to side with the British
Answer: Loyalists

Question: These were foreign soldiers who fought for pay
Answer: Mercenaries

Question: These countries chose to fight against England because England was their rival
Answer: France and Spain

Question: This is the nickname for the British army based on the color jackets they wore
Answer: Redcoats

Question: This is how the Washington defeated the British at Yorktown
Answer: Blocked their escape by land and sea


Question: This is where 12,000of Washington's men were camped and 2,000 of them died
Answer: Valley Forge

Question: This treaty was where Britain recognized the colonies as an independent country
Answer: Treaty of Paris

Question: This pamphlet argued that citizens should make laws, not kings and queens
Answer: Common Sense

Question: This army included patriots from each of the 13 colonies
Answer: Continental Army

Question: These men were Massachusetts militia who were ready in a minutes notice
Answer: minutemen