Biology-The Game Show


Question: What Is A Gene?
Answer: The Units Of Inheritance (DNA) For Different Traits Located At Specific Points On A Chromosome.

Question: Describe How Sex-Linked Inheritance Occurs?
Answer: Sex-Linked Inheritance Involves The X Chromosome, Not The "Empty" Y.
Thus Males With 1 X Are More Likely To Receive Recessive Genetic Diseases.

Question: What Is Trisomy 21?
Answer: Down Syndrome.

Question: What Is The Difference Between Artificial Insemination And Invitro Fertilization?
Answer: Invitro Fertilization Occurs Outside The Women's Body In A Glass Container, While Artificial Insemination Is Inside The Body.

Question: What Is A Mutation?
Answer: Any Change To The Normal Sequence Of DNA Is Called A Mutation.


Question: What Is Another Name For Monera?
Answer: Bacteria

Question: How Many Types Of Bacteria Exist?
Answer: 20,000

Question: What Was The Disease The Spaniards Brought Over From Europe?
Answer: Small Pox.

Question: Staphylococcus Aureus Is Resistant To All Antibiotics Except What?
Answer: Vancomycin.

Question: Name The Six Kingdoms Used To Classify All Organisms
Answer: Fungi Plant Bacteria Archaea Protista Animals

Cellular Biology

Question: What Does A Plant Cell Have That A Animal Cell Does Not Have?
Answer: Cell Wall

Question: What Are The Phases Of Cell Division?
Answer: -Interphase

Question: What Are Gametes And Somatic Cells?
Answer: Gametes=Sex Cells
Somatic=Body Cells

Question: What Can Limit A Cells Size?
Answer: When A Cell Can Not Process Nutrients And Remove Waste It Will Limit Its Size.

Question: What Are The Three Parts Of The Cell Theory?
Answer: -All Organisms Are Made Of One Or More Cells
-The Life Functions Of An Organism Are Carried Out By Its Cell Or Cells
-All Cells Come From Already Existing Cells

Anatomy Of Mammals

Question: What Is The Main Function Of The Respiratory System?
Answer: To Make Sure The Body Cells Get Oxygen.

Question: How Much Air Stays In The Human Lungs At All Times?
Answer: There Is About 1L Of Residual Air In The Lungs At All Times.

Question: How Long Does A Red Blood Cell Live?
Answer: 4 Months Or 120 Days.

Question: What Are The Function Of:
Red Blood Cells?
White Blood Cells?
Answer: Red Blood Cells Carry Oxygen.
White Blood Cells Defend The Body.
Platelets Form Blood Clots.

Question: Three Things You Could Do To Have A Good Circulatory System?
Answer: Eating Good, Working Out, Don't Smoke And Get A Good Amount Of Sleep.


Question: What Is A Molecule?
Answer: Compound Of 2 Or More Atoms.

Question: What Is A Compound?
Answer: One Or More Elements E.G H20 Water

Question: What Is Something That Is Hydrophilic And Something That Is Hydrophobic?
Answer: Hydrophilic- Sugar
Hydrophobic- Wax

Question: What Is An Ion?
Answer: An Ion Is An Atom Or Group Of Atoms That Has Gained Or Lost Electrons.

Question: What Are The Chemical Names For These Symbols:
Answer: H-Hydrogen