3 Weeks Review!


Question: Monitronics' Third Party Collection agency
Answer: What is Berlin Wheeler?

Question: This filter is used to view only payments in the Ar History window
Answer: What is Credit Only?

Question: Recurring Line
Answer: What is being billed/charged?

Question: The last statement balance minus the last payment
Answer: What is the customer's balance?

Question: Monitronics' payment processing system
Answer: What is Orbital Gateway?

Hot Keys

Question: F5
Answer: How do you open an Incident?

Question: Ctrl+Alt+F5
Answer: How do you change a caller's name?

Question: Ctrl + J
Answer: How do I open a Job?

Question: Ctrl +P
Answer: How do you open the Verify Code word box?

Question: Ctrl + D
Answer: How do I delete a row/line?


Question: An account purchased by Monitronics which is currently under the dealer's guarantee period?
Answer: What is a Stage 1 account?

Question: The Zones can be located in this window
Answer: What is the Monitoring Summary window?

Question: Event History window
Answer: How do you find details of the last time the police were dispatched to the site?

Question: Alarm.com, TGI, GSM
Answer: What are cell providers?

Question: This window is used to access details of the last time the customer called
Answer: What is the Incident History window?


Question: The unique Central Station number identifying the alarm panel installed at the site
Answer: What is the CS#

Question: A person the customer identifies to receive notifcations
Answer: What is a contact?

Question: A task that is created when someone else or another department needs to resolve the customer's issue
Answer: Action

Question: One is created each time an account is accessed
Answer: What is an incident?

Question: Known as the "point of entry" or points at which an alarm signal orginates
Answer: Zone


Question: You must type/enter one of these to successfully complete a call
Answer: What is a P&R note?

Question: This action is created when a customer wishes to change the draft date on their pre-authorized payment plan
Answer: What is an Update PAP (UPDPAP)?

Question: The department which handles BBB complaints/threats
Answer: What is the Executive Response Team?

Question: The number of contacts a caller needs to verify in order to access the account
Answer: What is 2 contacts?

Question: A zone or piece of equipment which cannot be deleted/disarmed
Answer: What is a smoke detector?