Beautiful Creatures


Question: What did Ethan and Lena find at Greenbrier Plantation?
Answer: A locket with the initals ECW and GKD.

Question: What was the name of the book that Ethan and Lena were looking for?
Answer: The Book of Moons

Question: Where do Ethan and Lena go to visit the Caster Library?
Answer: The Historical Society building

Question: When Ethan has nightmares, what does he smell?
Answer: Burning lemons.

Question: What does Ethan's Dad say are the two kinds of people in Gatlin?
Answer: "The stupid and the stuck."


Question: What is a Caster?

Question: 1.A quote from Martin Luther King Jr. appears on the page preceding the first chapter. How do you see his statement connecting to this story?

Answer: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Question: At Macon's funeral, what is Lena given?
Answer: A small silver sparrow.

Question: What happens to Lena when she gets nervous?
Answer: Her hair starts to curl.

Question: What mark do the cheerleaders put on their faces on Halloween?
Answer: A cresent moon like Lena's birthmark.


Question: Who did Amma sneak out of the house to meet in the middle of the night?
Answer: Macon

Question: What dish does Amma make on Halloween night?
Answer: Chicken and biscuits(dumplings).

Question: Is Amma a Caster? What is she?
Answer: No, she is a Seer.

Question: What does Amma do at Thanksgiving dinner and what does she tell Lena?
Answer: She freezes the room in order to warn Lena that Sarafine is coming.

Question: What is Amma cooking on the night she meets Macon in the middle of the night?
Answer: Chicken and biscuits (dumplings).

Link & Mrs. Lincoln

Question: Who does Link take to the school dance?
Answer: Ridley

Question: What do Link and the basketball team dress up as on Halloween?
Answer: Cheerleaders

Question: Why is Mrs. Lincoln at Ravenwood on the night of Lena's 16th Birthday?

Question: What happens to the door when Mrs. Lincoln brings over food for Ethan on Halloween?
Answer: When Ethan tries to open the door there is some kind of force that tries to stop him.

Question: Where do Link and Ridley go over Christmas Break?
Answer: New York City.


Question: What ficitional character did the people of Gatlin compare Macon to?
Answer: Boo Radley

Question: What does Arelia tell Macon is the only thing that an save Lena?
Answer: Ethan

Question: Who cooks at Ravenwood?
Answer: "Kitchen."

Question: What happens to Ravenwood every time Ethan goes to visit?
Answer: It changes to a different setting.

Question: How does Macon know Marion?
Answer: She is in charge of the Caster Library.