Kanji Numbers


Answer: Eight

Question: 十九
Answer: 19

Question: 九十四
Answer: 94

Question: 五十七
Answer: 57


Question: Feb 3
Answer: Setsubun

Question: Throw these at the demon (oni)
Answer: Soybeans

Question: North North West
Answer: This year's lucky direction

Question: Baseball
Answer: The most popular sport in Japan.

Question: Hiragana
Answer: Alphabet with curved lines, simple, used for grammar.

Japanese Words

Question: Ohayou
Answer: Morning

Question: Konnichiwa
Answer: Good afternoon.

Question: Ohayou gozaimasu
Answer: Good Morning!

Question: Konbanwa
Answer: Good Evening

Question: Kiritsu
Answer: Stand up at attention.

Japanese Words 2

Question: Rei
Answer: Bow

Question: Chakuseki
Answer: Sit down

Question: Onegaishimasu
Answer: Please

Question: Arigatou gozaimasu
Answer: Thanks

Question: Hai, Iie
Answer: Yes, No


Question: Nan sai desu ka.
Answer: How Old are you?

Question: Chindogu
Answer: Strange silly Japanese inventions

Question: Oni wa soto fuku wa uchi
Answer: What you say when you throw the beans, demon out , good luck in

Question: Daruma
Answer: Round face doll used for goal setting.

Question: ひらが
Answer: Hiraga