Ancient China


Question: Where was the Tang Dynasty Capital?
Answer: Capital=Chang'an

Question: Song Dynasty was south of what river?
Answer: Yangtze River

Question: Where did Mongols live?
Answer: Steppe of northwest China

Question: Where did Ming move?
Answer: Capital of Beijing

Question: Why was there a new capital in the Song Dynasty?
Answer: Because there was barbarian invasions


Question: Who is Daoism started by?
Answer: Lao Tzu

Question: Two sides of living force are?
Answer: Ying and Yang

Question: What does Ying represent?What does Yang represent?
Answer: Ying :Dark-(women,moon death)Yang :light-(men,birth,creation,sun)

Question: How long did confucianism live?
Answer: 551 to 479 B.C

Question: What was Buddhism based on?
Answer: spiritual teachings of Siddartha Guatama


Question: What is some of Tangs acheivement?
Answer: - paintings and subtle color
- pottery was glazed
- architects built Buddist temple
- peots wrote poems about nature

Question: Where was rice grown?
Answer: In paddies-flooded fields

Question: Name some technologys
Answer: - magnetic compass
- watertight compartments
- gun powder
- bombs and rockets
- paper
- 800's-block printing

Question: What countries were confucianism and buddhism in?
Answer: Vietnam, Korea, and Japan

Question: What did trade produce?
Answer: - better farming
- travel
- economy


Question: What did Empress Wu do?
Answer: Empress Wu was the only women empress. She tryed to bring women up.To some she was an autocrat, ruthless in her desire to gain and keep power. To others she, as a woman doing a "man's job," merely did what she had to do, and acted no differently than most male emperors of her day. They also note that she managed to effectively rule China during one of its more peaceful and culturally diverse periods.

Question: What did caravans carry?
Answer: silk,spices,porcelain, and luxury goods to Islamic Empires and Europe

Question: Who ran the bureacracy?
Answer: Scholar-officals

Question: Who was Genghis Khan?
Answer: - millitary leader
- ruthless in battle
- fierce warriors
- expert horsemen
- adopted weapons from the chinese
- maintained law and order
- took land from Pacific Ocean to Caspian Sea, most of China, Russia, and parts of Europe
- Kublai Khan-took over 1279
-got rid of civil survice examinations

Question: What was the bureacracy rules
Answer: - had to pass exams
- couldnt serve in own district
- had to change every three years

Social Structure

Question: What are turks?
Answer: largest group of forelgners

Question: Were Christain Missionaries aloud in the Song Dynasty?
Answer: yes

Question: Song Dynasty's social order was.....
Answer: - Mongols - Foreigners - Northern Chinese - Southern Chinese

Question: What was the Tributary System?
Answer: - surrounding countries had to pay a tribute of money or goods to China
- every year country sent diplomat to Kowtow

Question: What did Tibetians spread?
Answer: Their form of Buddhism