Ch. 10 Review

Electoral College

Question: Those who vote in the electoral college are called what?
Answer: Electors

Question: How many total electors are in the electoral college?
Answer: 538

Question: What two states do not use the winner-take-all system of assigning electoral votes?
Answer: Maine and Nebraska

Question: Who elects a President if no candidate receives a majority?
Answer: The House of Representatives

Question: How many electoral votes are needed to win the electoral vote?
Answer: 270

A Two-Party System

Question: What is a group of citizens who have similar political views called?
Answer: political party

Question: What is the primary role of a political party?
Answer: Get their candidates elected

Question: This is the type of government that is associated with a one-party system.
Answer: dictatorship

Question: What are the two major political parties in the United States?
Answer: Republicans and Democrats

Question: This is the type of government where a multi-party system is used.
Answer: coalition

Party Organization

Question: This committee level of party organization is responsible for running local elections.
Answer: Local committee

Question: This committee level is responsible for setting up the national nominating convention.
Answer: national committee

Question: A city or county may be divided up into these voting districts called what?
Answer: precincts

Question: The place where voting takes place is called a what?
Answer: polling place

Question: What commission is in charge of enforcing campaign finance laws?
Answer: Federal Election Commission

The Right to Vote

Question: This is the election that decides who will be in the general election.
Answer: primary election

Question: This type of primary only allows those registered party members the right to vote.
Answer: closed primary

Question: When are general elections held?
Answer: 2nd Tuesday following the 1st Monday in November of even-numbered years.

Question: What new voting technique lets voters touch a screen to vote?
Answer: DRE

Question: Voting for all candidates of one party is called this.
Answer: straight ticket voting


Question: This party was formed to abolish slavery.
Answer: Republican

Question: This party was formed to support the common man.
Answer: Democrats

Question: The vote of the people is called this.
Answer: popular vote

Question: How many times has the Senate chosen the vice president?
Answer: Once - 1832

Question: A party's statement of views and policies is what?
Answer: Platform