Ancient Greece Review


Question: What king led the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae?
Answer: Leonidas

Question: What man led the city of Athens during the Golden Age and encouraged the common man to take part in government?
Answer: Pericles

Question: What philosopher from ancient Greece encouraged his students to question until they found the truth?
Answer: Socrates

Question: This poet wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey.
Answer: Homer

Question: This Macedonian king conquered lands from Greece to India, making them all part of his empire.
Answer: Alexander the Great.

Greek Mythology

Question: Who beat Poseidon in a contest to be the protector of the city of Athens?
Answer: Athena.

Question: Most powerful of the gods. Overthrew his father Cronus.
Answer: Zeus

Question: Odysseus designed this object to fool the Trojans into opening the gates of Troy.
Answer: Trojan Horse.

Question: This daughter of Demeter was kidnapped by Hades and brought to the underworld to be his bride.
Answer: Persephone

Question: Once a beautiful woman who dared to compare her beauty to Athena's; she was turned into a monster with snakes for hair that turned people to stone.
Answer: Medusa

Greek Battles

Question: This battle victory over Persia sent a runner the 26 miles back to Athens to report the news.
Answer: Marathon

Question: For fighting bravely when faced with certain defeat with only 300 soldiers, King Leonidas is remembered for this battle.
Answer: Thermopylae

Question: The Greeks used their smaller, more manuverable ships to trap and sink hundreds of Persia's ships in this battle.
Answer: Salamis

Question: Name the war which lasted 27 years and pitted Athens and her allies against Sparta and her allies.
Answer: Peloponnesian War

Question: Name the formation which required soldiers to march with overlapping shields and long spears into battle.
Answer: Phalanx

Athens & Sparta

Question: Slaves outnumbered citizens in this city-state and some could eventually purchase their freedom.
Answer: Sparta

Question: This city-state viewed outsiders as suspicious and rarely traded with others. Instead they took needed items by force.
Answer: Sparta

Question: This city-state often traded with other city-states to get products they needed.
Answer: Athens

Question: This city-state required boys as young as 7 to begin their long military training.
Answer: Sparta

Question: In this city-state women had few freedoms. They could not own property, walk about in public unescorted, or often times even pick their own husbands.
Answer: Athens

Types of Government

Question: This government is made of a small group of usually wealthy men.
Answer: Oligarchy

Question: This is a government in which the power is passed on by blood line, usually father to son.
Answer: Monarchy

Question: What type of govenment allows its citizens to take part in making laws and voting.
Answer: Democracy

Question: This type of government occurs when a person takes power unlawfully, usually by force.
Answer: Tyranny

Question: Explain why the United States government is described as an Indirect Democracy ?
Answer: The citizens do not actively take part in the law-making. They elect representatives to make laws and vote for them.