Key Terms


Question: The study of living things and their vital processes.
Answer: What is biology

Question: Highest degree of order within an organism's internal and external parts and in its interactions with the living world.
Answer: What is organization?

Question: The sum of all the chemical reactions that take place and transform energy and materials from the environment.
Answer: What is metabolism?

Question: Another system of grouping organisms divides all life into six major categories called..
Answer: What is kingdoms?

Question: A method used to help organize an experiment.
Answer: What is scientific method?


Question: Smallest unit that can perform all of life's processes.
Answer: What is a cell?

Question: Collection of special cells and products that perform specific functions.
Answer: What is a tissue?

Question: The formation of two cells from an existing cell.
Answer: What is cell division?

Question: Branch of biology that studies organisms interacting with each other, and with the environment.
Answer: What is ecology?

Question: The act of perceiving a natural occurrence that causes someone to pose a question
Answer: What is observation


Question: Organism with one single cell.
Answer: What is unicellular?

Question: Small bodies that are found in cytoplasm of a cell and perform a specific function.
Answer: What is organelle?

Question: The process by which an organism becomes a mature adult
Answer: What is development?

Question: Communities of living species and their physical environments.
Answer: What is ecosystems?

Question: A proposed explanation for the way a particular aspect of the natural world functions.
Answer: What is hypothesis?


Question: Organ, tissue, organism made of many cells.
Answer: What is multicellular?

Question: The chemical compounds that provide physical structure and that bring about movement, energy use, and other cellular functions.
Answer: What is a biological molecule?

Question: Organisms produce new organisms like themselves in a process called...
Answer: What is reproduction?

Question: Organisms that have certain favorable traits are better able to survive and reproduce, successfully than organisms that lack these traits
Answer: What is natural selection?

Question: A statement that forecasts what would happen in a test situation if the hypothesis were true.
Answer: What is prediction?


Question: Collection of tissues that carry out a function.
Answer: What is an organ?

Question: The maintenance of a stable level of internal conditions even though environmental conditions are a constantly changing.
Answer: What is homeostasis?

Question: A short segment of DNA that contains the instructions for a single trait of an organism called a...
Answer: What is a gene?

Question: Traits that improve an individuals ability to survive and reproduce
Answer: What is adaptations?

Question: Used to test a hypothesis and its predictions
Answer: What is experiment?