Wilthorpe Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Question: What colour outfit does Robin Hood wear?
Answer: Green

Question: What did robin wood win at the contest?
Answer: A silver arrow

Question: Who is Robin in love with?
Answer: Maid Marion

Question: Who is maid Marion?
Answer: A spouse

Question: Who hates Robin the most?
Answer: Sherif of Nottingham

Robin Hood

Question: Where does Robin Hood live ?
Answer: Locksley

Question: What does Robin Hood steal ?
Answer: He steals money from the rich and gives to the poor

Question: What is the catch phrase of Robin Hood ?
Answer: Rob from the rich and give to the poor

Question: What didn't Robin Hood wear on his legs?
Answer: Green tights

Question: Which of these was not a member of his merry men?
Answer: Big Sid

Robin Hood

Question: What was robin hood?
Answer: He was a legend

Question: What is the catch phrase?
Answer: I robbed from the rich and gave to the poor

Question: Which of these actors hasn't a played Robinson the screen

Question: What is the catch phrase?
Answer: I robbed from the rich and gave to the poor

Question: What was the name of 1991film about Robin Hood ?
Answer: Prince of thieves

Robin Hood

Question: did robin hood have any sons or daughters ?
Answer: no because he died before he had a chance ?

Question: What are the name of the songs written by Robin Hood?
Answer: A ballet

Question: Who is Robins mum and dad?
Answer: He dint have any he ran away from home

Question: Did robins dad die or not?
Answer: Yes he did

Question: What,s the name of the actor who played Robin Hood in the recent bbc 1series ?
Answer: Jones Armstrong

Robin Hood

Question: Was robins mum called Eliza or Esther?
Answer: She is called esther

Question: Where did Robin Hood die?
Answer: In the magical creation land,Narnia

Question: Is Robin Hood a greek myth ?
Answer: Yes it is true

Question: Was Robin Hood a nice person?
Answer: Yes

Question: Who was known as the Robin Hood of Scotland?
Answer: Rob Roy Mcgregor