Business Applications 2022

Question: This is a Jonas terminal set up to process the sale of goods and services.
Answer: What is a Point of Sale (POS)?

Question: This ERP was designed for distributors and is used at Perry Supply.
What is Prophet 21 (P21)?

Question: A receipt is called this in Jonas.
Answer: What is a chit?

Question: This is the action used to associate and transfer values from a scanned document to a PeopleSoft voucher.
Answer: What is linking?

Question: P21 is the only customer-facing Business Application that is primarily accessed using this Microsoft virtual application solution.
Answer: What is RemoteApp?

Question: A new user's account has been setup and can sign into everything except PeopleSoft.
Answer: It's Jason.

Question: A user would like MISPO to show by default when he/she uses the requisition search page.
Answer: It's Jason.

Question: A user calls and asks to remove a worklist item because the item has already been approved.
Answer: It ain't

Question: A user reports that he/she si not getting the printed POs that dispatch daily.
Answer: It ain't.

Question: Scott Castleberry reports that he can't see the WM_WO_TSK (Work Order Task) table in query manager but needs to create a query using that table.
Answer: It's Jason.

Question: Lance Gardner is most associated with one of these two modules.
Answer: What is Purchasing or Inventory?

Question: Voucher and Pay Cycle are common terms used when referring to this module.
Answer: What is Accounts Payable?

Question: One of four modules in PeopleSoft FSCM that includes workflow approvals.
Answer: What is PO, IN, PC, or LCT?

Question: How many meals are owed to ABC employees based on hours and times worked are calculated as part of this PeopleSoft HCM module.
Answer: What is Operations Time Input System (OTIS)?

Question: This module serves as the Company's official accounting records.
Answer: What is General Ledger?

Question: The Helpdesk has access to this page in PeopleSoft that allows you to see process status and results.
Answer: What is the Process Monitor?

Question: This question may be asked to discover the scale of a reported issue.
Answer: Are others having the same issue?

Question: This is the number of recommended items to cover when you receive a call.
Answer: What is 5?

Question: Along with the PO Business Unit, this identifier tells us the exact PO being referenced.
Answer: What is the PO_ID?

Question: This information should be confirmed with the client whether it is on their Footprints profile or not.
Answer: What is contact information?

Question: This BA team member is a Project Management Professional (PMP).
Answer: Who is Ray Crocker?

Question: This BA Team Member started his career on Drummond's Helpdesk.
Answer: Who is Andrew Hall?

Question: This employee started his career with Drummond in the HR department before finding his home in MIS.
Answer: Who is Dave Hamrick?

Question: This BA team member is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
Answer: Who is John Finklea?