Mrs. Looman's Quiz Show

Multiplication and Division

Question: Joey bought 6 boxes of chocolate for his school party. If each box of chocolates has 12 pieces of chocolate, how many chocolates does Joey have in all?
Answer: 72 chocolates

Question: Tammy bought a bag of 180 rubber bands. Tammy wanted to split them between herself and 5 friends. How many rubber bands will each person get?
Answer: 30 rubber bands

Question: Pokemon cards come in packs of 124. If Zack bought 4 packs of cards, how many cards would he have total?
Answer: 496

Question: The district is hosting a spelling bee competition. A total of 868 students from 7 schools are participating. If each school is sending the same number of students, how many students from each school will participate?
Answer: 124 students

Question: David and Cindy picked apples on Saturday. David had 25 bins and Cindy had 19 bins. If each bin held 12 apples, how many apples did they pick altogether?
Answer: 528 apples


Question: Katy's family bought 2 large pizzas with 10 slices per pizza. If 14 slices were eaten. What is the fraction of pizza still left?
Answer: 6/10

Question: Brock has a bag of 20 marbles. 6/10 of his marbles are red. How many marbles are red?
Answer: 12 marbles

Question: Kim’s softball team went to pizza after the game Thursday night. They ordered pizza to be cut into 8 slices. When the team was finished eating, they found they had eaten 6 2/8 pizzas. How many total slices were eaten?
Answer: 50 slices

Question: Benjamin and Hannah baked a pie on Sunday. Benjamin ate 2/6 of the pie and Hannah ate the rest. What fraction of the pie did Hannah eat in simplest form?
Answer: 2/3

Question: Susan was making cupcakes for her class party. She made 35 total cupcakes. 20 of them she frosted with chocolate icing. Which of the following fractions expresses the number of chocolate cupcakes?

A) 1/3
B) 1/4
C) 4/7
D) 3/5
Answer: C) 4/7

More Fractions

Question: Brad was looking through his rock collection. 5 of his rocks were black, 4 of them were grey, 6 of them were brown, and 5 of them were white. What is the fraction of brown rocks in his collection?
Answer: 6/20
or 3/10 in simplest form

Question: Jennifer made a cookie cake for her son’s birthday. Jennifer’s son ate 3/10 and Jennifer ate 1/10 of the cookie cake. How much of the cake was left?
Answer: 6/10

Question: Antonio read 24 pages of his 60 page book. What is the fraction of the pages he has read IN SIMPLEST FORM?
Answer: 2/5

Question: Bob brought 2 boxes of a dozen (12) donuts each to work. If 16 people had a donut, what is the fraction of donuts that were eaten. EXPRESS AS A MIXED NUMBER!
Answer: 1 4/12

or 1 1/3 in simplest form

Question: Dominic is painting a paint by number picture. 7/24 of the boxes he painted blue, 3/8 he painted red, and 2/6 he painted green. Which color did he use the most?
Answer: RED


Question: Dan and his friends were timing the amount of time it took them to run from one room to the other. Dan ran it in 2.35 seconds. Stan ran it in 2.03 seconds. Mike ran it in 2.39 seconds. Organize the results of the race from fastest to longest amount of time.
Answer: Stan (2.03), Dan (2.35), Mike (2.39)

Question: Judy had 4.45 feet of material to sew her quilt. Express this as a fraction.
Answer: 4 45/100

Question: Express 5/20 as a decimal
Answer: .25

Question: John bought a coke for $1.50, candy for $2.75, and popcorn for $4.05 How much money did he spend?
Answer: $8.30

Question: Karen bought a new TV on sale for $569.99. The TV was regularly $625.50. How much money did she save?
Answer: $55.51


Question: Carl is building a garden box with pieces of timber The garden box is 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. What is the area of the garden box?
Answer: 48 square feet

Question: Maya is building a fence for her pet pig. The dimensions of the fenced in area are 4 feet wide by 6 feet long. What is the perimeter of the fence?
Answer: 20 feet

Question: Jared is making a new hot chocolate recipe and needs 2 quarts of milk. He only has a 1 cup measuring cup. How many cups will he need to use to have enough milk for the recipe?
Answer: 8 cups

Question: Savannah's slip and slide is 18 feet. How many yards is it?
Answer: 6 yards

Question: Johnny has a small fish tank that is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 10 inches tall. What is the volume of the fish tank?
Answer: 960 cubic inches