Children's Day

Question: When is the Children's Day celebrated in Hungary?
Answer: Last Sunday of May

Question: What is the another name for the Children's Day?
Answer: Children's Rights Day

Question: When was Children's Day firstly celebrated?
Answer: 1959

Question: When is the Children's Day celebrated in Poland?
Answer: 1th June

Question: In which country is there a railway coordinated by children?
Answer: Hungary

Shrove Tuesday

Question: What was related to Shrove Tuesday?
a) Fat Tuesday
b) Easter

Answer: a) Fat Tuesday

Question: How do they call Shrove Tuesday in Portugal?
Answer: Carnaval

Question: What soup is eaten on the Shrove Tuesday in Estonia?
Answer: Peasoup

Question: What is a popular sweet food in Hungary during Shrove Tuesday?
Answer: Donut with jam

Question: How many eggs to Britain's usually use on Pancake Day?
Answer: 52 million

Independence Day

Question: In what century did Hungary become independent?
Answer: 19th century (15.03.1848)

Question: What country made Portugal independent again?
Answer: Spain

Question: How old is Finland?
Answer: 102 (06.12.1917)

Question: How many years was Poland under the rule of Soviet Russia before becoming independent again?
Answer: 123 years

Question: When is Estonia's Independence Day?
Answer: 24th February

St Martin's Day

Question: When is St Martin's Day celebrated?
Answer: 11th November

Question: What do children do on St Martin's Day Eve?
Answer: Dress up as men, go from doors to doors, sing and tell jokes.

Question: What do people roast in a bonfire on St Martin's Day?
Answer: Chestnuts

Question: St Martin's Day is not celebrated that much in Britain. This is because it's on the same day as what other event?
Answer: Remembrance Day

Question: In Poland many people eat Rogale. What is it?
Answer: Croissants


Question: What day is Christmas celebrated in the UK?

Answer: 25th December

Question: What is the most popular Christmas food in Estonia?
Answer: Pork and potatos

Question: When do Portuguese people open presents?
Answer: 6th January

Question: What has to be in the sky for Christmas to begin in Poland?
Answer: The first star

Question: What do Hungarians receive their presents in?
Answer: In a boot on the windowsil