Camping Jeopardy

Things to Bring

Question: This item helps you find your way in the dark
Answer: Flashlight or lantern

Question: You bring this item to shelter you from the weather
Answer: Tent and/or tarp

Question: You crawl into this item when you go to bed
Answer: Sleeping bag

Question: You need this item to cook food with (besides a campfire)
Answer: Camp stove (and propane tank)

Question: You store your food in this item
Answer: Cooler

Camping Food

Question: I am made from potato's and am crunchy. You can eat me with a dip or be plain and I can come in many flavors.
Answer: Potato Chips

Question: You can cook me over the campfire or on a BBQ. I am long and taste delicious on a bun with some ketchup.
Answer: Hot Dog

Question: I am delicious breakfast food and go well with some milk.
Answer: Cereal

Question: I am a taste treat and you can roast me over the fire. I am delicious with some chocolate and graham crackers.
Answer: Marshmallow (I am part of s'mores)

Question: I have many types. I can be green or macaroni or even potato.
Answer: Salad

Campfire safety

Question: How long is it safe to leave a campfire unattended?
A) 30 mins
B) 1 hour
C) Never should be left unattended
D) 10 mins

Answer: C) Never, it should not be left unattended

Question: When should you collect water to put out a campfire?
A) before the campfire is lit
B) as soon as you are ready to put it out
C) any time during the campfire
D) after the fire is lit

Answer: A) Always collect the water BEFORE the campfire is lit

Question: What is the safest way to extinguish a fire?
A) smother it out
B) let it die down and burn itself out
C) slowly pour water onto it
D) stomp it out with your foot

Answer: C) slowly pour water onto it

Question: Aside from wood, what other materials is it okay to put in the campfire?
A) Aluminum cans
B) Plastic utensils
C) Nothing, just wood
D) Styrofoam plates

Answer: C) Nothing, you should only burn wood in a campfire

Question: If your clothes accidentally catch fire, what should you do?
A) Run around
B) Stop, drop and roll
C) Pour water on yourself
D) Scream for help

Answer: B) Stop, drop and roll!!! Stop immediately, cover your face with your hands and drop to the ground, and roll back and forth until the flames have been completely smothered.

Survival Scenarios

Question: If you suddenly feel like you are lost, what should you do?
A) Turn around and run as fast as you can back the way you came
B) Hike downhill to reach civilization
C) Hike to the top of a hill so you can get a better view of the surrounding area
D) Stop right where you are and wait for someone to find you

Answer: D) Stop right where you are and wait for someone to find you. If you move around it will be harder to find you and more dangerous.

Question: What is the best way to make a noise signal to call for help?
A) Shout the word "help" three times each minute
B) Scream at the top of your lungs 
C) Blow a signal whistle
D) Use a stick to bang on a tree trunk

Answer: C) Blow a signal whistle. 

The whistle is designed to produce a sound that will carry a long distance without much effort on your part. Yelling help or screaming will exhaust you quickly, and the sound of your voice may make you feel more scared. Banging a stick against a tree to make noise would be better than nothing, if you had no whistle.

Question: If your clothes get soaked and you start to shiver, what should you do?
A) Remove your wet clothing and wrap up in your space blanket
B) Stand in the wind, so your clothes dry quickly
C) Keep your clothes on, because the dampness will keep you warm
D) Start running the trail to warm you up and dry your clothes

Answer: A) Remove your wet clothing and wrap up in your space blanket. 

Wet clothing drains away your body heat many times faster than dry clothing. 

Question: What are the two most important pieces of survival equipment to carry in the woods?
A) a map and compass
B) food and water
C) a signal whistle and a space blanket
D) a knife and a fire starter

Answer: C) a signal whistle and a space blanket

Question: Before leaving camp alone or hiking away from your group, what should you do?
A) pack enough food and water for 24 hours
B) talk to an adult about where you are going and when you will return
C) take all your equipment with you
D) leave a note

Answer: B) Ideally, you will never travel alone but always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back by.

Animals You May Encounter

Question: I am small and my bite makes people itchy
Answer: Mosquito

Question: I like to dig through the trash and it looks like I am wearing a mask
Answer: Raccoon

Question: I like to hid in long grass and my favorite letter is 'S'
Answer: Snake

Question: I have a big roar and can have black or brown fur
Answer: Bear

Question: I only come out at night and am blind, but can see using my radar detection
Answer: Bat