Chapter 14

Industry in the North

Question: What was the name of the person who created the yearly farm tools?
Answer: John Deere

Question: Who created the Sewing Machine
Answer: Elias Howe

Question: Samuel F.B. Morse created what?
Answer: Telegraph

Question: What replaced the Horses and mules?
Answer: Locomotive

Question: Sleek vessels with tall masts and huge sails?
Answer: Clipper Ships

Life in the North

Question: What was the Skilled workers called befor the factories

Question: What kind of union was made?
Answer: Trade Union

Question: What is the word that workers refused to work
Answer: Strike

Question: The word were there's a shortage of something?
Answer: Famine

Question: What kind of party was in 1850?
Answer: Know-nothing party

Cotton Kingdom in the South

Question: What invention was made for a better way to clean cotton?
Answer: Cotton gin

Question: Because of the cotton gin how many bales of cotton was produced each year?
Answer: 6,000 bales

Question: What percent of southerners lived in a city with 4,000 people?
Answer: 8%

Question: What are some of the iron works?
Answer: tools Cannons Machinery

Question: What year did south depend on the North?
Answer: 1850's

Life in the South

Question: What were the wealthy family's called
Answer: Cottonocracy

Question: How many free slaves lived in the south?
Answer: 200,000 free slaves

Question: What were the laws said for slaves to not run away or rebelling
Answer: Slave codes

Question: What kind of family has roots in Africa?
Answer: Extended Family

Question: What did slaves do to start resistance against slavery
Answer: They brook tools stole food destroyed crops


Question: Group of people who wrote the slogan "Americans and stay American"
Answer: nativists

Question: Free African Americans in the north fared what
Answer: discrimination

Question: Where did the slaves mostly work at?
Answer: Cotton fields

Question: What percent of owners have 1-4 slaves
Answer: 8%

Question: What percent of enslaved African Americans?
Answer: 32%