Euroijada 2018



 "I have a dream” is a famous quote by?

a. Martin Luther King Jr.

b. Mother Theresa

c. Nelson Mandela

d. Mahatma Gandhi 

Answer: a. Martin Luther King Jr.


2. Which serial killer murdered several women in London’s White chapel district in 1888 and was never caught?

a. H. H. Holmes

b. Jack the Ripper

c. Typhoid Mary

d. The Black Death

Answer: b. Jack the Ripper


3. Who was the Iron Chancellor who united Germany in 19th century?

a. Constantin Fehrenbach

b. Kurt Georg Kiesinger

c. Otto Von Bismarck

d. Herman Muller

Answer: c. Otto Von Bismarck


4. Which US president is known for the Watergate scandal  and would have been impeached if he hadn't resigned first?

a. Richard Nixon

b. Franklin Roosevelt

c. Herbert Hoover

d. Harry Truman

Answer: a. Richard Nixon


5. Khufu, one of the great pyramid building pharaohs, is better known under his Greek name, which is?

a. Cheops

b. Chephren

c. Mycerinus

d. Djoser 

Answer: a. Cheops



1. What was the name of Dante's muse?

a. Laura

b. Lucia

c. Beatrice

d. Julia

Answer: c. Beatrice


2. Ra, Horus, Atum, and Khepri were among the many Egyptian deities associated with the same thing. Which one?

a. Warfare

b. The Nile

c. The Sun

d. The cats

Answer: c. The Sun


3. Who is the central character in Dickens' „Great Expectations“?

a. Dick

b. Rick

c. Pip

d. Chip

Answer: c. Pip


4. “Tristan und Isolde” was a work by which German composer?

a. Schubert

b. Brahms

c. Schumann

d. Wagner

Answer: d. Wagner


5. In 16th century Prague, Rabbi Loew is said to have instilled life into what creature, which he used as a servant?

a. A vampire

b. A golem

c. A dybbuk

d. A mummy

Answer: b. A golem



1. How many squares are on a chessboard?

a. 64

b. 60

c. 50

d. 36

Answer: a. 64


2. Which football stadium in Europe has the biggest audience capacity?

a. Wembley  Stadium in London

b. Croke Park in Dublin

c. Camp Nou in Barcelona

d. Stade de Frace in Saint Denis

Answer: c. Camp Nou in Barcelona


3. Which US team did David Beckham sign for in 2007?

a. Los Angeles Galaxy

b. New York Red Bulls

c. Houston Dynamo

d. Portland Timbers

Answer: a. Los Angeles Galaxy


4. What is professional wrestler John Cena's famous catch phrase?

a. You’re Fired!

b. You can’t see me!

c. It doesn’t matter what you think!

d. Rest in Peace!

Answer: b. You can’t see me!


5.  What is the only country to have won medals in the Winter Olympics but not the Summer Olympics?

a. Estonia

b. Azerbaijan

c. Jamaica

d. Liechtenstein 

Answer: d. Liechtenstein 

Pop Culture


1. Which Margaret Atwood’s book was used as a basis for the TV series which won 8 Emmys last year?

a. The Handmaid’s Tale

b. Cat’s Eye

c. The Blind Assassin

d. Oryx and Crake

Answer: a. The Handmaid’s Tale


2.  Raiden, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade are characters from which video game?  

a. Street Fighter

b. Super Smash Bros.

c. Mortal Kombat

d. Virtual Fighter

Answer: c. Mortal Kombat


3. Which movie was not based on Stephen King’s work (novel or short story)?

a. It

b. The Shawshank Redemption

c. Pet Cemetery

d. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Answer: d. A Nightmare on Elm Street


4. Jared Leto, famous for portraying Joker in the “Suicide Squad” movie is the frontman of which band?

a. Maroon 5

b. 30 seconds to Mars

c. Arctic Monkeys

d. Kings of Leon

Answer: b. 30 seconds to Mars


16.What year was the first modern comic book printed?





Answer: d. 1933   


Question: What is the nickname of the Clock Tower (Elizabeth's Tower) of the Westminster Palace, one of London's most famous landmarks?
Answer: Big Ben

Question: This French museum has a glass pyramid serving as its main entrance
Answer: The Louvre

Question: Which city do you have to visit to see Antonio Gaudi's Sagrada Familia? 
Answer: Barcelona

Question: This rock cut city, sometimes called the Rose city, has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1985 and is the main tourist attraction in Jordan. What is its name? 
Answer: Petra (Al Batra)

Question: In which city can you cross Ponte Vecchio?
Answer: Florence (Firenze)