Chapter 11 Jeopardy

Section 1

Question: Why did mormons move west?
Answer: In search of religious freedom. 

Question: What was the Oregon Trail? 
Answer: A 2000 miles long trail which stretched from places such as Independence, Missouri, or Council Bluffs, Iowa, west into Oregon Country. 

Question: Who are the Mormons? 
Answer: The members of Joseph Smith's church. 

Question: At first why did Americans move west. 
Answer: To Trade. 

Question: What difficulties led Mormons to move to Utah. 
Answer: Because Joseph Smith was murdered by an anti-Mormon and the new leader decided that Utah would be their new home. 

Section 2

Question: Why did settles move to Texas? 
Answer: Because the land in Texas is really good. 

Question: Why did Mexican officials want to bring more settlers to Texas? 
Answer: To increase the population. 

Question: When did México gain its independence? 

Answer: 1821

Question: Who was Stephen F. Austin? 
Answer: He was a young agent that started a Texas colony on the lower Colorado river. 

Question: Who was the first president of Texas? 
Answer: Stephen F. Austin

Section 3

Question: Who were the vaqueros? 
Answer: People who managed the large herds of cattle and sheep. 

Question: Who had the better army between the U.S. and Mexico in the American-Mexican war? 

Answer: The U.S. had a bigger and better army. 

Question: What was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Answer: A treaty that ended the war between Mexico and the United States. 

Question: What happen after the Mexican-American war.
Answer: Many Americans moved southwest. 

Question: What did the Treatu of Guadalupe Hidalgo promised about Mexican American. 
Answer: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo promised to protect Mexican American residents' property rights. 

Section 4

Question: What was the Donner Party. 

It was a group of western travelers who went to California but where stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains during winter. 

Question: Where did the mining camps stay?

Answer: Mining camps sprang up wherever enough people gathered to look for gold.

Question: Why was Sutter’s Mill so important?
Answer: Because it was a fort and later americans came and took it as a place to stay for some nights. And it helped the American emigrants. 

Question: How many immigrants arrived in California in 1849?
Answer: 20,000 Immigrants 

Question: What economic problem did California have? 
Answer: That it was an isolated state to the rest of the country.


Question: Mountain Men
Answer: Fur traders and trappers 

Question: Empresarios
Answer: Agents

Question: Manifest Destiny 
Answer: Obvious fate, to settle land all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spread democracy. 

Question: Forty-Niners 
Answer: Gold-seeking migrants to California 

Question: Prospect
Answer: Search for gold