Unit 1

Question: Find the opposite of -123.6
Answer: 123.6

Question: 120/-3=
Answer: -40

Question: (-18.5)+7.03
Answer: -11.47

Question: -46/0.5 =
Answer: 9.2

Question: Simplify the following expression:

8(9 x 2)+17-4-(13+18)
Answer: 126

Unit 2

Question: Simplify 8(2x+5)
Answer: 16x+40

Question: Evaluate the following expression:

Answer: y=28.6

Question: Are these expressions equivalent

Answer: Yes

Question: 35-15x>15
Answer: 1 1/3 or 1.33

Question: (2x+3)=(9x-4x)-2x+10=9
Answer: 0.8

Unit 3

Question: 5 chocolate bars cost $8.40. How much did 1 bar cost?
Answer: $1.68

Question: 150% of 100
Answer: 150

Question: 36% of 50

Answer: 18

Question: Laura's family went out to eat dinner. The family split the bill, and the total was $250. Laura and her sister paid 35% of the bill. How much money did her parents spend on dinner.
Answer: $162.50

Question: Angie gets a loan from the bank of $50,346. It will take her 5 years to pay it back. If the bank charges 4.29% interest how much will Angie have to pay back?
Answer: $61,145.20


Question: Simplify

Answer: 13x+11

Question: 4y+3=16-5y
Answer: y=-13

Question: Architects created a scale model of a building. The length and width of the actual building is 105ft:525ft. What is the l x w of the model?
Answer: 1ft:5ft

Question: 10% of 10% of 10%
Answer: .1%

Question: The cost of a phone is $100 deducting 17%. How much was the original cost of the phone?
Answer: $120.48


Question: 1/x=5/200
What is the value of x?
Answer: 40

Question: Solve(round to the nearest hundreth)

Answer: k>16.13

Question: The absolute value of |-142| x 30
Answer: 4,260

Question: 14(8)(2)/2+3
Answer: 115

Question: 4(16x+9x+8x)=15
Answer: x=3/20