Colonial Regions

Why Was the Colony Founded?

Question: Why was NY founded?
Answer: To establish fur trading posts

Question: Why was Maryland founded?
Answer: Lord Baltimore wanted to become rich and find a safe place for catholics.

Question: Why was Rhode Island founded?
Answer: So people could practice different religions.

Question: Why was Georgia founded?
Answer: To keep the spanish from invading Florida. Also the rich wanted to save debtors from prison.

Question: Why was Massachusetts founded?
Answer: Puritans wanted religious freedom.

Geography and Climate

Question: Which colony had very cold winters, clean water, and rocky soil?
Answer: Massachusetts

Question: Which colony had hot, steamy summers?
Answer: Maryland

Question: Which 3 colonies had a bay?
Answer: Maryland, Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Question: What kind of soil was in Pennsylvania?
Answer: Rich soil

Question: What was the climate like in Georgia?
Answer: Winters were mild and summers were long, hot, and humid.

Available Jobs

Question: Which colony had whaling as a job?
Answer: Massachusetts

Question: Which colonies had more than 5 different jobs?
Answer: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New York

Question: Which colonies had lumbering for a job?
Answer: Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Question: Which colonies sold slaves?
Answer: New York and Rhode Island

Question: In the middle colonies, what did they mine?
Answer: coal

Government Participation

Question: Which colonies are male property owners able to vote?
Answer: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia

Question: Which colonies only allowed white men to vote?
Answer: Georgia and Maryland

Question: Which two colonies were governed by a king?
Answer: New York, Georgia

Question: Which colony only allowed rich men to vote?
Answer: Georgia

Question: Which assembly passed a law to protect Catholics' right to vote and to serve in government?
Answer: Maryland


Question: Which colony did not want to fight wars?
Answer: Pennsylvania

Question: Which two colonies claimed present day Vermont?
Answer: New Hampshire and New York

Question: Which colony allowed debtors to settle?
Answer: Georgia

Question: Which colony was founded by Great Britain and why did they want it?
Answer: Georgia, they wanted troops to keep north from Florida.

Question: Which colony did John Winthrop settle in?
Answer: Massachusetts