Trinity Jeopardy


Question: Who is the Principal of Trinity School?
Answer: Mr. Marshall

Question: Who is the technology helper who teaches Minecraft?
Answer: Mr. D'marr

Question: What 4th-grade teacher teaches with Ms. Balentine?
Answer: Ms. Ovorus

Question: Who are the Media Center specialists?
Answer: Ms. Bee and Ms. Morrison

Question: Who is the 6th-grade science teacher?
Answer: Ms. Burton


Question: Twinkle, twinkle, little _____
Answer: Star

Question: Who sings "Shake It Off?"
Answer: Taylor Swift

Question: Who sings "Don't Stop Belivin'?"
Answer: Journey

Question: Who sings "Little Red Corvette?"
Answer: Prince

Question: 'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ____ on it.
Answer: Ring

Where is...

Question: Which country is Trinity in?
Answer: The United States Of America

Question: Which country is Tokyo in?
Answer: Japan

Question: Which state is Chicago in?
Answer: Illinois

Question: Where is breakout room "a" and "b"?
Answer: In the Learning Commons

Question: Which continent is Iceland in?
Answer: Europe

Trinity History

Question: What the AWAC stand for?
Answer: Allison Williams Activity Center

Question: Who founded Trinity School?
Answer: Allison Williams

Question: Who was the old principal of Trinity School?
Answer: Mr. Kennedy

Question: Where was Trinity School located before it moved to this location?
Answer: The Atlanta Girls School

Question: Which colors primarily was the old media center?
(must get at least one for points)

Answer: Brown, Dark Green


Question: Who is the blue fish in "Finding Nemo?"
Answer: Dory

Question: What movie based on a book about a bull came out recently?
Answer: Ferdinand

Question: Which superhero universe is "The Flash" from?
Answer: The DC Universe

Question: Who plays "Belle" in the new movie "Beauty And The Beast?"
Answer: Emma Watson

Question: Who is Ms. Which in the new movie "A Wrinkle In Time?"
Answer: Oprah Winfrey