Quiz bowl


Question: Discovered Brazil
Answer: Pedro Cabral

Question: First explorer to sail all around the world was killed in the Philippines
Answer: Magellan

Question: Sailed to Americas thinking it was India
Answer: Christopher Columbus

Question: First European to sail to India
Answer: Vasco du gama

Question: Explorer who rounded the southern tip of South America
Answer: Bartolommeo Dias


Question: Orbits are oval shaped not circular.
Answer: Kepler Copernicus

Question: Discovered law of earth's gravity
Answer: Sir Isaac newton

Question: Taught the scientific method in the thought process
Answer: Francis bacon

Question: Sun revolved around the earth ,but the other planets revolved around the sun
Answer: Brache

Question: Built first telescope
First to observe Saturn
Moons of Jupiter
Answer: Galileo Galilei


Question: First biologist to dissect a human body
Answer: Andrea Vesalius

Question: This man studied micro-bacteria
Answer: Robert Hooke

Question: New way to analyze and pursue experiments while recording data
Answer: Scientific Method

Question: Universe revolves around the earth
Answer: Geocentric Theory

Question: The orbit of the planets is oval instead of circle
Answer: Copernicus Theory


Question: Discovered earth's gravity
Answer: Newton

Question: Antoine Laurent Lavoisier discovered this law
Answer: Law of conservation of mass

Question: Sir Isaac newton and gottfried van leibniz founded this
Answer: Calculus

Question: Anthony van Leeuwenhook invented this
Answer: Microscope

Question: Galileo invented this in 1609
Answer: Telescope


Question: This revolution brought about more money (capital) to Europeans.

Answer: Mercantilism

Question: This religion began to spread throughout the world during the Age of Exploration & the Commercial Revolution.

Answer: Christianity

Question: Part of the slave trade in which Africans were traded for European goods and then sold in the new world and the money used to buy raw materials to take back to Europe.

Answer: Middle passage

Question: The Scientific Revolution had its beginnings during what time in history – a period when there was a rediscovery of ancient civilization & a questioning attitude.

Answer: Age of reason

Question: This revolution established a firm foundation for modern scientific progress Uncovered much knowledge about the physical world.

Answer: Scientific revolution