health care jepordy


Question: Can be defined as the bodies reaction to any stimulus that requires a person to adjust to changing environment. 
Answer: What is stress

Question: What happens when your body goes in a "fight or flight" reaction?
Answer: What is a physical change in body

Question: A women has internal forces such as an heart attack, what concept is this?
Answer: What is a stressor

Question: If the body is subjected to continual stress, what will be effected?
Answer: What is the normal functions

Question: Your patient is undergoing a heart surgery and lives, now you get to tell there family the good news, what is this called?
Answer: What is eustress


Question: What are the 3 types of leadership skills?
Answer: What is democratic leader, laissez-faire leader, and autocratic leader.

Question: When a leader takes a nap and lets the others do the work?
Answer: What is a laissez-faire leader

Question: This kind of leader encourages all individuals and does what is best for the group as a whole.
Answer: What is an democratic leader

Question: A surgeon takes total control over an operation, what type of leader is this?
Answer: What is an autocratic leader

Question: When you respect the rights of other people, work with your group, understand others strengths and weaknesses, this in called what?
Answer: What is leadership

personal characteristics

Question: Your patient just figured out they are suffering from a heart disease, what skill do you use to help them through it?
Answer: What is tact or empathy.

Question: Working and displaying a positive attitude 
Answer: What is enthusiasm 

Question: This person is tolerant and can control their temper in difficult situations.
Answer: What is patience 

Question: A health care worker shows up to work on time everyday, this is an example of what 2 characteristics.
Answer: What is responsibility and dependability

Question: The patient told their doctors about how he feels about the nurse and asked the doctor to keep it confidential, what is this called?
Answer: What is discretion


Question: What is the communication model?
Answer: What is 1. sender 2. message 3. receiver 4. medium 5. feedback 

Question: Olivia is using terrible body language and facial expressions to her boss.
Answer: What is non-verbal communication

Question: 2 people are exchanging information and ideas.
Answer: What is verbal commmunication

Question: Sender, Receiver, Messenger, and Feedback are all part of the communication model, what step is missing?
Answer: What is medium

Question: Good interpersonal relationships are developed with?
Answer: What is verbal and non-verbal communication


Question: Consist of many professionals with different level of education working together to solve a problem
Answer: What is teamwork

Question: Mr. Relles is working well with his team as they figure out how to operate on the patient.
Answer: What is teamwork

Question: 2 people with different skills go to someones home to help them, what is this called?
Answer: What is home health care

Question: Who helps 2 people in a team find a solution to a problem?
Answer: What is mediator?

Question: Mr. Smith is  going to get a major bypass surgery tomorrow, you and your team hold a meeting to see who is going to do what, this is an example of what?
Answer: What is organizing and coordinating a team activities.