Question: What's a sport you just use your hands in?
Answer: Basketball

Question: What do gymnasts wear during there performance?
Answer: Leotards

Question: When gymnast are on the bars what two things do they put on their hands?
Answer: Grips and chalk

Question: True or False? NFL refs also receive Super Bowl Rings.
Answer: True

Question: Are Olympic gold metals made out of silver?
Answer: yes


Question:  True or false? The average American owns 7 pairs of blue jeans

Answer: True

Question: True or False, All clothing is made out of cotton?
Answer: FALSE

Question: did the Chinese culture ever regard small feet as beautiful, and practice to bind women’s feet from an early age to keep their feet small?
Answer: Yes


Is the skirt the second oldest piece of clothing?

Answer: YES

Question: What year was it when girls dresses were so big they would get stuck in doorways?
Answer: 1860's


Question: What was after the IPhone 6?
Answer: IPhone 7

Question: What changed from the Iphone 6 to the Iphone 7?
Answer: The camera.

Question: True or False? There's a flip phone you can facetime on.
Answer: False

Question: How much is the IPhone 7 with 128GB?
Answer: $749

Question: Who invited speedometer?
Answer: Josip Belusic


Question: What is Harvard's Motto?
Answer: Veritas

Question: How much Real Estate Holdings at Harvard? 
Answer: 5,083 acres

Question: How many students are there at Harvard College?
Answer: FalseAbout 6,700

Question: At John Templeton foundation how much is it to support the Herrmann Lectures on Faith and Science
Answer: No$175,000

Question: In Massachusetts how much is the biotechnology lab funding? 
Answer: $1.35 million


Question: How long can a snail sleep?
Answer: Three years

Question: Are Polar Bears left handed or right handed?
Answer: Left handed

Question: True or False? Pigs can look up into the sky.
Answer: False

Question: Can Elephants jump?
Answer: NO

Question: What is the most common name?
Answer: Mohammed