Question: Who should have won the SuperBowl?

Answer: Atlanta Falcons

Question: What are the Major League Baseball teams in Texas?

Answer: Texas Rangers and Houston Astros

Question: What is the round rock baseball team

A. Round Rock Riots
B. Round Rock Rangers
C. Round Rock Express
D. None of the above

Answer: C. Round Rock Express

Question: what sport is known as football in foreign countries?

Answer: soccer

Question: what does MLB stand for?

Answer: major league baseball


Question: what brand has a swoosh as their logo?

Answer: Nike

Question: what material is made of a silk worms cocoon?

Answer: Silk

Question: what is a hooded jacket with out a zipper

Answer: hoodie

Question: what are leggings that look like jeans called?

Answer: jeggings

Question: what normally comes with a brand?

Answer: a logo


Question: what kind of laptops do we use?

B. apple MacBook

Answer: apple MacBook

Question: what company makes IPhones?

Answer: Apple

Question: What Company makes Kindle Fires?

A. Apple
B. Amazon

Answer: B. Amazon

Question: who is the creator of Facebook?

A. Mark Zuckerberg
B. Steve Jobs
C. Ronald Wayne

Answer: A. Mark Zuckerberg

Question: Who created instagram?

A.Steve Jobs
B.Ronald Wayne
C.Kevin Systrom

Answer: C.Kevin Systrom


Question: what do you need to bring to this class everyday?

Answer: Your Laptop

Question: what do you need for almost all of your other classes?

Answer: a Pencil

Question: Art, Health, Band, Wood shop, Metal Shop, Home Ec, what are these categorized as?

Answer: Electives

Question: what is this class called?

Answer: Career Tech

Question: what do we do in this class?

Answer: projects or vocabulary


Question: Where is the Hershey factory located?

A. Pennsylvania
B. Kentucky
C. Tennessee
Answer: A. Pennsylvania

Question: Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

A.Francis Scott Key
B.Thomas Jefferson
C.John Adams

Answer: B.Thomas Jefferson

Question: which of these is a Twenty-one Pilots song?

A. Kill The lights
B. Death of a Bachelor
C. Twin Skeletons
D. Heathens

Answer: D. Heathens

Question: Who wrote the song "I Die Young"

A.Kimberly Perry
B.Katy Perry
C.Lady Gaga

Answer: A.Kimberly Perry

Question: Which of these is not a Panic! at the disco song?

A. Death of a Bachelor
B. Victorious
C. Centuries
D. Miss Jackson

Answer: C. Centuries