Question: What was the venue of the 2016, Broncos v. Panthers, Super Bowl?
B. New Orleans
C. California
D. Denver

Answer: C. California

Question: What is Michael Jordan's middle name?
A. Johnny
B. Jeffrey
C. Jake

Answer: B. Jeffrey

Question: What is the name for the San Francisco football team?
A. Giants 
B. 49ers
C. Rams

Answer: B. 49ers

Question: Who was the NFL founded by?
Answer: American Professional Football Conference (APFC)

Question: The first world series in baseball was played between Pittsburgh and Boston in 1903
True or False?

Answer: True


Question: What was the name of the first Converse shoe?
Answer: Chuck Taylors

Question: Where is the brand Gucci from?
A. Italy
B. France
C. Germany

Answer: A. Italy

Question: Who created Jordens Airsoft?
Answer: Jon Ringger

Question: Peter Moore designed Air Jordan ll
True or False?

Answer: True

Question: Who created the first pair of jeans?

Answer: Levi Strauss 


Question: Which company did Steve Jobs work for?
A. Microsoft
B. Apple
C. Dell

Answer: B. Apple

Question: Which Vans number is known as the "Era"?
A. # 98
B. # 92
C. # 95

Answer: C. # 95

Question: Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google
True or False?

Answer: True

Question: Which month of 1975 was Microsoft created?
Answer: April

Question: Nintendo started in China
True or False?

Answer: False


Question: What is 1+1?
A. fish
B. 11
C. 2

Answer: C. 2

Question: What is the formula for the circumference of a circle?
Answer: C=2πr     or    C=πd

Question: Which are located inside the nucleus of an atom?
Answer: Protons and Neutrons 

Question: Who invented the telephone?
A. Alexander Graham Bell 
B. Benjamin Franklin
C. Thomas Edison 

Answer: A. Alexander Graham Bell 

Question: Which of these buildings is NOT in Greece?
A. Parthenon
B. Temple of Saturn
C. Stoa of Attalos

Answer: B. Temple of Saturn


Question: Benjamin Franklin was born in 1705
True or False?

Answer: False

Question: How many people died during the Boston Massacre?
A. 6
B. 2
C. 5

Answer: C. 5

Question: When was Facebook founded?
Answer: February 4, 2004

Question: When was Michael Jackson born?
Answer: August 29

Question: The New York Yankees have won 56 world series titles in baseball
True or False?

Answer: False