Expanding West

Section 1

Question: Why did people move west?
Answer: Because french, british, and american companies killed off the beaver population in the east, so companies moved west in search of beavers.

Question: What was the oregon trial?
Answer: Stretched from places such as independence,Missouri, or council bluffs, Iowa, west into oregon country (2000 miles long)

Question: How long was the oregon trail?
Answer: 2000 miles long 

Question: Why did mormones move west?
Answer: In search of religious freedom 

Question: Who were the mormons?
Answer: Members of Joseph Smith's church

Section 2

Question: Why did Americans move to texas?
Answer: American settlers were attracted by the colony


Question: Who are Empresarios
Answer: agents 

Question: Why did they hire empresarios?
Answer: To bring settlers into Texas

Question: How did the Mexican army try to remove a cannon?
Answer: The rebels stood next to the cannon

Section 3

Question: What is manifest destiny?
Answer: obvious fate, to settle land all the way to the pacific ocean in order to spread democracy

Question: How did the war end?
Answer: The war ended when the united states took mexico city

Question: Under the Gadsden purchase, how much did the us pay mexico?
Answer: $10 million

Question: When did the US have a booming economy and population?
Answer: By the 1840's

Question: Who did president Polk order to lead the army?
Answer: General Zachary Taylor 

Section 4

Question: Who gained control of the west territories after the Mexican-American war?
Answer: The united states

Question: When did they discover gold?
Answer: In January 1848

Question: Why did suffer send a carpenter?
Answer: To build a sawmill

Question: What kind of people worked in the mines?
Answer: young unmarried men

Question: Why did the population grow so quickly?
Answer: Because of the discovery of gold


Question: Who was the carpenter that suffer sent to build a sawmill?
Answer: James Marshall

Question: What territories did the US gain after the mexican-american war?
Answer: The territories include what are now California and Arizona.

Question: What good effect did the discovery of gold have?
Answer: the economy and the population boomed

Question: What did the first 300 families become known as?
Answer: The old 300

Question: Why did president Jackson first refuse to annex texas?
Answer: Because of the fragile balance between the free and slave states