science unit 3


Question: What is climate?
Answer: weather over a long period of time

Question: Are animals consumers or producers? Why?
Answer: Animals are consumers because they cannot produce or make their own food 

Question: What is an ecosystem?
Answer: All the living and nonliving things in an environment

Question: Where do most of the ocean organisms live?
Answer: In the shallow waters of the ocean. The shallow part is where the sun reaches and most of the plants and animals live. 

Question: What is an adaptation that helps rain forest plants survive in their environment?

Answer: Rain forest plants have large leaves that help them survive on the forest floor where little sunlight reaches them.


Question: What shows how energy passes from ONE organism to another in an ecosystem?
Answer: Food chain

Question: _______ break down dead plant and animal materials 
Answer: Decomposers

Question: Which type of forest have four different seasons? 
A. Temperate forests
B. Tropical forests 

Answer: Temperate Forests

Question: What is mimicry and how can it help an animal stay safe?
Answer: Mimicry is when an animal imitates another more dangerous animal. This helps the animal stay safe because the animal pretends to be a more dangerous animal that the predator doesn't want to eat

Question: If a rain forest on the other side of the world was wiped out, would it have any effect on us living in the United States? Why or why not?

Answer: Rain forests produce (make) most of the world's oxygen. Rain forests also produce many medicines that are used in the United States. Therefore, if a rain forest on the other side of the world was gone, it would effect life in the United States


Question: A _________ _________ shows how a GROUP of food chains are linked together
Answer: food web

Question: Name an example of a decomposer
Answer: Worms, bacteria

Question: What is an adaptation?
Answer: A special characteristic that helps a living thing survive in its environment

Question: Pretend that you are a scientist who studies migrating sea turtles. Why do you think some turtles migrate such long distances?

Answer: Some sea turtles may migrate long distances to find food or warmer waters.

Question: 1. Explain the soil in a tropical rain forest.
2. Why are nutrients found only in the top layer of soil in a rain forest?

Answer: The soil in a tropical rain forest is not very rich in nutrients. Rain forest plants quickly absorb any nutrients in the soil.
Nutrients are absorbed very quickly and do not have a chance to pass through the layers of soil in the forest floor. Therefore, they are only found in the top layer


Question: Marshes, swamps, and bogs are all examples of what type of ecosystem?
Answer: Wetlands

Question: What is migration? Give an example
Answer: When animals move to another place looking for food or for warmth. Birds migrate south for the winter

Question: What does nocturnal mean? Why are some desert animals nocturnal?
Answer: Nocturnal means to sleep during the day and be awake at night. Some desert animals are nocturnal because it is extremely warm during the day. Therefore, they sleep during the day and then hunt for food at night when the temperatures are a lot cooler. 

Question: Why do desert plants have roots that reach far down deep into the ground?

Answer: Desert plants adapted to the dry environment of a desert by growing deep roots that can gather water from many feet under the surface. Without these long roots, desert plants could not stay alive.

Question: Where do algae live in the ocean?

Answer: Algae use sunlight to make their own food. Therefore, algae can live ONLY in the shallow water where they can get sunlight.