Industrial Revolution


Question: What is the period of history before the Industrial Revolution where new farming methods were introduced
Answer: The Agricultural Revolution

Question: What is the enclosure movement?
Answer: A movement where large landowners in Great Britain fenced in their land and created large farms

Question: What is a new method of farming where farmers changed a specific crop from one field to another field each year?
Answer: Crop Rotation

Question: What is the name given to a way of making goods by hand in the home before the beginning of factories?
Answer: Cottage industry

Question: What is rural to urban migration?
Answer: The movement of people from farms to cities

In Terms of Working

Question: What was it called when a worked is assigned a specific task in the process of completing a product?
Answer: Division of labor

Question: What is the new social class developed during the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: The working class

Question: What are the factors of production?
Answer: Land, labor, wealth, and other things

Question: What are interchangeable parts?
Answer: Identical parts that will fit into any assembly of the same kind

Question: What is the assembly line?
Answer: In a factory, the process in which parts are added to a product in a specific order to complete the product

In Terms of Working 2

Question: What is the first major industry in Great Britain and the United States?
Answer: The textile industry

Question: What is a labor union?
Answer: An organization of workers who unite to achieve a common goal such as better wages, working conditions, etc.

Question: What is the difference in wealth or income in (groups of) people?
Answer: The wage gap

Question: What is mass production?
Answer: Producing of large amounts of a product

Question: How did the factory system impact the production of goods?
Answer: Goods could be mass produces causing prices of these goods to decrease


Question: The period of history during the 1700s and 1800s when changes in the production of goods changed from using animal/human power to machine power.
Answer: The Industrial Revolution

Question: In what nation did the Industrial Revolution begin?
Answer: Britain

Question: What is laissez-faire capitalism?
Answer: Economic system in which all factors of production were privately owned and there was no government interference.

Question: What is an economic system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the government and the profits are shared with the society as a whole?
Answer: Socialism

Question: What is urbanization?
Answer: The growth of cities due to people leaving farms and going to where factories were located