English presentation

The highest points

Question: The only "mountain" in the Danish geography
Answer: Himmelbjerget

Question: The world's highest mountain
Answer: Mount Everest

Question: It was in the 2001 terrorist attack in New York

World Trade CenterWter

Question: The highest boy in our class
Answer: Mathias

Question: Denmark's highest natural point
Answer: Møllehøj


Question: Denmark's national sport
Answer: Football

Question: He has won the race Le Mans 8 times
Answer: Tom Kristensen

Question: He's father won it and now he has won the premier league
Answer: Kasper Schmeichel

Question: The only Dane who has driven in Formula 1
Answer: Kevin Magnusen

Question: Michael Laudrup is his older brother
Answer: Brian Laudrup

Danish cities translated into English

Question: We Castle
Answer: Viborg

Question: Medium Speed
Answer: Middelfart

Question: Ace Mountain
Answer: Esbjerg

Question: God Home
Answer: Gudhjem

Question: Sam's Island
Answer: Samsø


Question: Danish author from Odense
Answer: H.C. Andersen

Question: Danish poet who has given his name to a huge church in the Northwest neighborhood in Copenhagen
Answer: Grundtvig

Question: Swedish author who has written Karlsson on the roof
Answer: Astrid Lindgren

Question: The author, who wrote 1.2.3 now
Answer: Jesper Wung Sung

Question: Danish woman author, who lived much of his life on a coffee plantation in Kenya
Answer: Karen Blixen


Question: Who made the song "Model"
Answer: Gulddrengen

Question: Denmark's most famous rock band
Answer: Volbeat

Question: Who sang "Never say never"?
Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: Name two members of ABBA
Answer: Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Björn og Benny

Question: Who made songs "Dangerous Woman"
Answer: Ariana Grande