General Parenting

Question: This style of parenting gives lots of freedom, but no limits.
Answer: Giving in

Question: One important job of a parent:
Answer: To raise a loving a loving, and lovable child.

Question: One important job of a parent:
Answer: To raise a child who is happy, healthy, confident, cooperative, and responsible.

Question: What is reflective listening?
Answer: Includes repeating what you think your child says and feels.

Question: What is Self Esteem?
Answer: Is a belief that we belong and are accepted, strong and capable, and loved. 


True or False

Letting your child learn from consequences is good way to discipline
Answer: True

Question: One goal of misbehavior
Answer: Power or revenge

Question: One goal of Misbehavior
Answer: Attention

Question: What is the difference between discipline and punishment?
Answer: Discipline- the goal is to teach and guide children to become more responsible, and self disciplined.
Punishment- take things away, spanking, hitting, and includes yelling threats and put downs. 

Question: Setting limits and giving ________ is a way to positive discipline your child
Answer: Choices

Your Child

Question: True or False
Every child has a different temperament.

Answer: True

Question: Is acceptance shown by the tone of voice we use or the words we say..
Answer: Both

Question: True or False:
Noticing when your child tries to improve is a apart of encouragement

Answer: True

Is this statement a form of encouragement?

"You worked hard on cleaning your room, but it's still not a clean as your brothers' room".

Answer: NO

Question: What is the Difference between Praise and Encouragement?
Answer: Praise is a reward children earn it. 

Encouragement is a gift, that doesn't need to be earned, for effort or improvement


Question: Communication is the key to most _____________.
Answer: Relationships

Question: Family Dinners are a time for ____________.
Answer: Sit down as a family and talk about the day, and to find out what is going on in each individual lives. 

Question: True or False

Using "you" statements while communicating to children put down, blame or nag.

Answer: True

Question: Children __________ the parents behavior.  
Answer: Model

Question: What are consequences for a child that has told a lie or steals
Answer: Owning that you told a lie, Apologizing, 
Returning property, legal action, being banned from different houses or stores.  

Thinking Forward

True or False

Family meetings are the time to set everyone in the family in order?
Answer: False
Helps families come together and feel like a team, Teaches children about problem solving and respect, gives everyone an opportunity to share feelings. 

Question: Finish this sentence:
Cooperation doesn't mean __________.

Answer: Obedience

Question: One of the questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out who own's the problem.
Answer: 1. Are my rights being disrespected. 2. Could anyone get hurt. 3. Are my belongings threatened. 4. Is my child too young to be responsible for this problem.

Question: When is a good age to  give children household responsibilities?
Answer: When the are old enough to understand basic instructions
3 y/o

Question: F