Okay for Now


Question: What bird did Doug refer to as the terrified eye?
Answer: The Arctic Tern

Question: What bird did Doug refer to as chumps?
Answer: The Large Billed Puffins

Question: What bird did Principal Peattie have in his office?
Answer: The Brown Pelican

Question: What bird could do whatever he wanted?
Answer: The Arctic Tern

Question: True or False: Did Doug put the Arctic Tern back in the book?
Answer: False,he did not put the original one back in the book

Doug and Lil

Question: Did Doug and Lil kiss?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does Doug know how to drink a really cold coke like Lil?
Answer: No he failed

Question: Did Doug finally stand up to his dad?
Answer: Yes

Question: Who offered Lil to be Helen Burns?
Answer: Mrs.Windemere

Question: Does Lil have a one in four chance of surviving?
Answer: Yes


Question: Did Doug's dad make him get a tattoo? 
Answer: Yes

Question: How did Lucas lose his legs?
Answer: A bomb in Vietnam 

Question: True or False: Did Doug's mom turn the orchid every day?
Answer: True

Question: What is Doug's second oldest brother's name?
Answer: Christopher

Question: Did the police apologize to Christopher for accusing him of the robberies? 
Answer: Yes they did


Question: Did Doug's brother steal his Joe Pepitone hat?
Answer: Yes

Question: Why is the number 216 so important in baseball?
Answer: It's the amount of stitches on a baseball

Question: Did Doug's friends give him Joe Pepitones jacket to remember them?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is Joe DiMaggio's life time batting average?
Answer: 325

Question: How many consecutive scoreless inning's in world series play has Whitey Ford pitched? 
Answer: 32 and 2\3


Question: Did Mr. Loeffler give Doug chores on his route every Saturday? 
Answer: No 

Question: Did Mrs.Windemere order the same ice cream every week?
Answer: No

Question: Did Mrs.Daughtery give Doug donuts every week?
Answer: No she did not

Question: How many kids did Mr. and Mrs. Daughtery have?
Answer: 5. Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie 

Question: Did Doug meet Mr.Gregory during deliveries or not during deliveries?
Answer: He met him during deliveries at Mrs.Windemere's house.