US History Exam Review


Question: What important idea came out of the Nuremberg trials?
Answer: Individuals are responsible for their own actions

Question: Who was persecuted in the Nazi concentration and extermination camps?
Answer: Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jews

Question: For nearly 50 years, the Cold War was characterized by what?
Answer: political conflict and military tension between the super powers

Question: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was based on...?
Answer: collective security

Question: In a direct response to the formation of NATO, the Soviet Union created what?
Answer: The Warsaw Pact


Question: Members of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) charged numerous Hollywood figures with...?
Answer: being sympathetic to Communist ideas.

Question: From the American point of view, which of the following values is not associated with Communism?
Equality       Liberty (freedom)      Atheism (No belief in God)       Military superiority

Answer: Liberty

Question: The Cold War included tension between who?
democracy vs communism
Wester Europe vs Eastern Europe
All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question: Why would President Eisenhower relate national security with Science and Technology?
Answer: Soviet launch of Sputnik

Question: What roles were most American women expected to fulfill in the 1950's
Answer: full time housewives.


Question: What famous person gave the "Checkered Speech"
Answer: Nixon

Question: Of the following 4 items, which does not fit in with the other three?
In God we Trust
Under God
Billy Graham

Answer: Beatniks

Question: Which politician was MOST successful in passing Civil rights legislation?
Answer: Lyndon B Johnson

Question: Which of the following groups were most likely to be militant in their approach to Civil Rights?
CORE     NAACP     Black Panthers   Freedom Riders

Answer: Black Panthers

Question: Which go best together?
segregation/Jim Crow
desegregation/Jim Crow
CORE/Governor Faubus

Answer: segregation/Jim Crow


Question: After watching television coverage of the brutal tactics used against protestors by the Birmingham police, even opponents of the Civil Rights movement were...?
Answer: upset by the police violence

Question: The Black Power movement taught that African Americans should...
Answer: separate from white society and lead their own communities

Question: Dwight D Eisenhower is to the Little Rock 9, as John F Kennedy is to...
Answer: James Meredith

Question: Which Core Democratic value was fundamental to the NAACP's arguments in the Brown vs. Board of Education case?
Answer: Equality

Question: The Supreme Court decision in Brown vs Board of Education ended...
Answer: the "separate but equal" doctrine


Question: In the televised presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon, Kennedy appeared to be....
Answer: more polished than Nixon

Question: Why is the Kennedy administration in the 1960s often referred to as Camelot?
Answer: young, energetic, and idealistic image

Question: Fidel Castro's current dictatorship might have been avoided if what had succeeded?
Answer: The Bay of Pigs Invasion

Question: The Warren Commission declared that John F. Kennedy's assassination was the work of ...?
Answer: A lone assassin

Question: LBJs Great Society was based on what core democratic value?
Answer: equality