The 7 Principles of the Constitution

Question: What are the tree branches of government?
Answer: Executive,Legislative,Judicial.

Question: What did federalist believe in about how the government should be?
Answer: They believed in a strong and powerful government.

Question: What is Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness an example of?
Answer: Individual Rights.

Question: What is Popular Sovereignty?
Answer: The PEOPLE decide.

Question: What are all 7 of thePrinciples of the Constitution?
Answer: Individual Rights, Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Checks and Balances, Separation of Powers, and Republicanism.

Important People of U.S. History

Question: Who was the 5th President?
Answer: James Monroe

Question: Who is the main author of Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson

Question: What did Alexander Hamilton co-write?
Answer: The Federalist papers.

Question: What was Grant before he was president?
Answer: General

Question: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in what year?
Answer: 1865

Andrew Jackson

Question: Was Andrew Jackson President 7, 8, or 9?
Answer: 7

Question: What political party was Andrew Jackson in?
Answer: Democratic Party

Question: Why did Jackson oppose the Second National Bank?
Answer: He thought it was unconstitutional.

Question: What was Andrew Jacksons nickname?
Answer: Old Hickory.

Question: Who ran against Jackson for President?
Answer: John Quincy Adams.

The Civil War

Question: Who was President during The Civil War?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question: What happened after The Civil War in the 13th amendment?
Answer: Slaves were free.

Question: How long was The Civil War,and the dates of The Civil War?
Answer: Four Years, 1861-1865

Question: Which state was first to leave the Union during the Civil War?
Answer: South Carolina.

Question: Who won the Civil War?Union or Confederate?
Answer: Union.


Question: What was the Reconstruction?
Answer: The government would set conditions to allow southern states back to the Union.

Question: During the Reconstruction Era new amendments were made to help African Americans what laws in the south restricted there abilities to do stuff?
Answer: Black Codes.

Question: What was the Freedmen's Bureau for? 
Answer: Give medical attention food and other supplies to former slaves.

Question: What was the first state to readmit to the Union during the Reconstruction?
Answer: Tennessee.

Question: What was the span of the Reconstruction?
Answer: 1865-1877