section 1

Question: What are the mountains seperated by?
Answer: Plateus, basins, and deserts.

Question: Why does the word Takliman has come to mean 'Enter and you will not come out'?
Answer: Because sandstorms are so common in the desert.

Question: Why is the Huang He river yellow?
Answer: Because of the loess.

Question: China is the leading producer of what 4 minerals?
Answer: coal, lead, tungsten, and tin.

Question: what's Tawain's major natural resource?
Answer: It's farmland

section 2

Question: What are China's early civilizations greatest achievements?
Answer: Fireworks, magnetic compass, gun powder paper, printing, and silk.

Question: How did the Europeans gained acces to the goods of China?
Answer: They forced them to open up trade.

Question: who was Mao Zedong?
Answer: A communist leader.

Question: How has China's officials dealt with slowing down the population growth?
Answer: They have limited couple on to only having one child.

Question: On what type of paper are the Chinese paintings made?
Answer: silk or fine paper

section 3

Question: why did China start developing a mixed economy?
Answer: Because it had major economic problems.

Question: where are China's main farmlands?
Answer: rice, wheat, corn, and potatoes

Question: what does China do to people who oppose the government?
Answer: harshly punish them.

Question: Most Chinese people live where?
Answer: in the rural areas

Question: what problem does the economic and urban growth created?
Answer: pollution

section 4

Question: nearly have of mongolia's people live as______.
Answer: nomads

Question: why do horses play a major role in mongolian life
Answer: because a lot of mongols are herders

Question: what is mongolia's capital and largest city?
Answer: Ulaanbaatar

Question: the country's main industries include...
Answer: textiles, carpets, coal, copper, and oil

Question: 85 percent of Tawain's population is...
Answer: native tawainese


Question: defenition of dynasty
Answer: a series of rulers from the same family line

Question: defenition of command economy
Answer: an economic system in which the government owns all the businesses and makes all decisions

Question: defenition of gers
Answer: large, circular, felt tents that are easy to put up, take down, and move

Question: defenition of loess
Answer: fertile, yellow soil

Question: defenition of dialect
Answer: a regional version of a language