Web Sites

Question: What is a Word Cloud?
Answer: An image composed of words on a particular subject

Question: What is the definition of the "Cloud"?

Answer: software or services that run on the Internet instead of your compute

Question: What was the downside of having your own web site early on?
Answer: cost money

Question: What is blog short for?
Answer: weblog

Question: What is a blog similar to? (What is it like)
Answer: an online journal

Image Editing

Question: What was the 1st example of photo-editing?
Answer: a photo of Abraham Lincoln in 1860s

Question: What image (photo) editing site is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop?
Answer: FotoFlexer

Question: What is Animoto?
Answer: an application that allows you to produce videos from selected photos, video clips and more

Question: How many pictures can you have on a Slide.ly project?
Answer: 90

Question: How do you create a sub-page on your web site with Weebly?
Answer: place the page under the desired page then move it slightly to the right

Social Networking

Question: What is the definition of Social Networks?
Answer: a network of people

Question: What is the earliest form of social networking?
Answer: Post Office

Question: What is LinkedIn?
Answer: a professional/business social network

Question: What percentage of Pinterest users are women?
Answer: 71%

Question: What is Twitter actually?
Answer: micro-blog


Question: What is a Podcast?
Answer: a series of digital media files (audio or video) available for download via syndication

Question: What does Podcasting stand for?
Answer: Personal On Demand broadcasting

Question: What is a podcatcher?
Answer: software that will automatically download a podcast that you subscribe to.

Question: What does RSS stand for?
Answer: Really Simple Syndication

Question: What does RSS do?
Answer: will automatically download the new podcasts to your device

Video Editing

Question: What are 2 disadvantages of using the Free version of WeVideo?
Answer: Can only have 2GB of memory and total maximum of 5 minutes of video

Question: What two Web 2.0 categories does YouTube belong to?
Answer: Web Services and Interpersonal Computing

Question: How many hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute?
Answer: 60 hours

Question: How many characters can have dialog per scene?
Answer: 1

Question: The more frames with slight movement will create what?
Answer: a smoother animation