chapter 5

Section 1

Question: What was the writs of assistance?
Answer: The writs of assistance was a document the allowed customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods.

Question: Who passed the sugar act?
Answer: Parliament passed the sugar act.

Question: What did British actions violate english citizens rights.
Answer: The tax's that where to high.

Question: Why did the british pass the stamp act?
Answer: The british passed the stamp act because they wanted to make more money.

Question: Who passed the resolution for the stamp act?
Answer: The Virginian assembly passed the resolution for the stamp act.

Section 2

Question: What was the Boston massacre?
Answer: The Boston massacre was a war between Bostonians and the soldiers.

Question: What did the Tea act do?
Answer: It raised tax's on tea and let the British in east India company sell tea to shop keeper and bypass colonel merchants.

Question: what was the committee of correspondence?
Answer: It was an organization used in earlier protests.

Question: What was the coercive acts exposed to do?
Answer: It was exposed to do was to give Briton back their control on Boston.

Question: How many chest did they throw over board during the Boston tea party?
Answer: 342 chests were thrown over board during the Boston tea party.

Section 3

Question: In september 1774,delegates from all the colonies except Georgia created a new organization.What was it call?
Answer: It was called continental congress.

Question: fill in the plank.The delegates drafted a statement of grievance calling for the repeal of of parliament.
Answer: 13 acts.

Question: What does the boycott do?
Answer: to stop using the goods or services of a company or country until changes are made.

Question: How many minutemen died at Lexington and concord.
Answer: eight minutemen died.

Question: How many redcoats died at bunker hill?
Answer: over 1,000 men died.

Section 4

Question: Who wrote the declaration of independence.
Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

Question: Why did congress establish the continental army?
Answer: To fight against Britain.

Question: What was the petition that was sent to king George the III by Boston called?
Answer: The olive branch petition.

Question: Who shaped the militia into an army?
Answer: George Washington.

Question: What are the four main sections to the declaration of independence?
Answer: 1 Preamble, 2 declaration of natural rights, 3 list of grievances,4 resolution of independence by the united states.

Section 5

Question: To help pay for french and indian war Great Britain did what to pay for the war?
Answer: They past tax's on goods.

Question: The colonies responded how?
Answer: They pout boycotts and other protests leading up to the Boston massacre and the Boston tea party.

Question: fill in the blank.The continental congress met for the first time and drafted a list of with British policy.

Question: fill in the blanks. Fighting broke out between troops and at Lexington and concord.
Answer: british and colonial militia.

Question: True or false and why . Continental congress approved the declaration of independence on July 4,1776.
Answer: False because it was the second Continental congress not the first Continental congress.