7th Grade Health Nutrition

Managing Weight

Question: Is a way to access your body size, taking your height and weight into account
Answer: Body Mass Index

Question: Eating to many calories will convert those calories into?
Answer: Body Fat

Question: ____________weight can cause fatigue, sleeplessness and irritability.
Answer: Under

Question: Substances that help to regulate the body's functions
Answer: Vitamins

Question: Calculate BMI for a 15 year old boy who stands 5 feet 10 inches, weighing 130lbs. What is the boy's BMI number and were does that put him for body size? (Underweight, healthy, overweight, obese)
Answer: BMI Number 19
Body size Healthy

Categories of Nutrients

Question: Starches and sugars that provide energy
Answer: Carbohydrates

Question: Essential nutrient used to build and repair body cells and tissues
Answer: Protein

Question: Substances that supply energy and promote normal growth
Answer: Fats

Question: Substances that help to regulate the body's functions
Answer: Vitamins

Question: How many categories of nutrients are there.
Answer: 6

Eating disorders & Misc.

Question: Extreme eating behaviors that can lead to serious illness or even death
Answer: Eating disorders

Question: Eating disorder, which a person had intense fear of weight gain and starves themselves
Answer: Anorexia Nervosa

Question: Eating disorder, which a person repeatedly eats large amount of food and then purges
Answer: Bullimia Nervosa

Question: Eating large amounts of food at a time
Answer: Binge Eating disorder

Question: How many feet are in a mile
Answer: 5280

Body System

Question: A gland that produces a blend of enzymes that breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
Answer: Pancreas

Question: A group of organs that work together to break down foods into substances that cells can use
Answer: Digestive system

Question: The system that removes wastes from the body and controls water balance
Answer: Excretory system

Question: One of the problems associated with being seriously overweight is
Answer: Diabetes

Question: Food reaches your stomach after going through the
Answer: Esophagus


Question: The process of taking in food and using it for energy, growth and good health
Answer: Nutrition

Question: Having a high amount of nutrients relative to the number of calories
Answer: Nutrient Dense

Question: On a Nutrition Facts panel, daily values of nutrients are listed as
Answer: Percentages

Question: What are 5 factors that influence people's food choices
Answer: Personal Taste, Geography, family, friends, culural backgrounds, advertising, cost, convenience

Question: What are 3 reasons why breakfast is so important
Answer: Fresh Supply of energy, concentrate better, energy for the day