Semester I Finals Review (Previous Units)

Antiquity: Greece and Rome


The Doryphorous is typically associated with this era of Greek art.
Answer: Classical

Question: In Ancient Greece, many forms of government emerged including one that was comprised of those in the rich, land owning class.
Answer: Aristocracy

Question: In Roman society, other than slaves, there were two distinct social groups: Plebians and ....
Answer: Patricians


The Kouros statue was constructed for this purpose
Answer: Grave marker/Honor fallen soldiers

Question: The spread of Hellenistic culture in Greece added this new attribute to Greek art

Answer: Emotion


Question: Renaissance is typically translated to word
Answer: Rebirth

Question: The concept of single and multi-point perspective changed the this aspect of Italian culture.
Answer: Art

Question: Although a young child when he was discovered, Lorenzo d' Medici took this artist under his patronage
Answer: Michelangelo

Question: An inventor, scientist, painter, writer, architect - he tried his hand at everything and is considered by many to be the ultimate "Renaissance Man"
Answer: da Vinci

Question: Although this concept was present during the times of Ancient Greece, great thinkers of the Renaissance grounded their studies in this philosophy; a belief in the capacity of people and individuals
Answer: Humanism


Question: Consider "Great" in his eyes, this Russian Czar modernized his country by breaking with from traditional Russian customs.
Answer: Peter

Question: Louis XIV maintained his power by issuing the Lettre de Cachet, this allowed King to do this
Answer: Imprison anyone without due process.

Question: Frederick the Great, ruled over this prominent European country
Answer: Prussia

Question: Absolutism can be described with these three attributes
Answer: Divine Right of Kings, Centralized power and no checks/balances

Question: Frederick the Great believed he was the Father of the State; within this role he believed this about religion.
Answer: Toleration/Freedom of Religion


Question: The Enlightenment comes after this significant phase of intellectual development
Answer: Scientific Revolution

Question: To live in a state of nature means to live without
Answer: Government/Society

Question: "I disagree with what you say but I will defnd to the death your right to say it." is attributed to this outspoke philosophe
Answer: Voltaire

Question: Montesquieu is often credited with this crucial characteristic of our structure of government
Answer: Checks and Balances

Question: Individuals have consented, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority of the ruler or king, to protect the remaining." This definition refers to this foundational belief of the Enlightenment
Answer: Social Contract

Reformation/Scientific Revolution

Question: Descartes is quoted saying this quintessential phrase
Answer: "I think, therefore I am."

Question: The 95 Theses spoke out against this practice of the Catholic Church
Answer: Selling of Indulgences

Question: Martin Luther will be excommunicated by Pope Leo X at this meeting of German Princes
Answer: Diet of Worms

Question: Henry VIII used the Reformation to create separate from the Catholic church and this
Answer: Divorce his wife and marry Ann Boleyn

Question: The German Princes that revolted against the Catholic church, protected Martin Luther and were labeled this
Answer: Protestants