Social Studies

Native Americans

Question: What happened that allowed Native Americans to settle in one place?
Answer: Agriculture

Question: Who belonged to the Alonquian Group?
Answer: The Lenni Lenape and the Shawnee

Question: Who was the largest Alonquian Group?
Answer: Lenni Lenape

Question: Where did the Lenni Lenape live during the early 1600's?
Answer: Along the banks of the Delaware and Brandywine Rivers

Question: Why did the Lenni Lenape leave their land in Pennsylvania by the 1700's?  Where did they go?
Answer: They were forced off their land by other Native Americans and European settlers.  They moved westward into Ohio and Oklahoma.


Question: What happened during the Pennsylvania Period?
Answer: The climate was warmer and wetter than now.

Question: How do many scientists believe about how large animals cam to North America?
Answer: They believe that there was a land connecting Asia to North America called the Berring Land Bridge.

Question: What is the Berring Strait
Answer: The waterway between Asia and North America

Question: What changed the land in North America during the Ice Age?
Answer: Glaciers

Question: What did early people do to survice after the Ice Age?
Answer: They used land and its resources.  They used wood to build and make fires, they fished in streams and lakes


Question: Give two examples of artifacts.
Answer: Spear heads and cooking pots

Question: Give two examples of a fossil
Answer: Dinasaur bones, shells, skeletons

Question: What do artifacts tell you about the past?
Answer: How people lived, cultures, what they ate

Question: wampum
Answer: a string of small beads made from shells to record decisions from the League of Five Nations

Question: Longhouses
Answer: long wooden building that was covered by bark or grass and shared by several families.


Question: fossil
Answer: a preserved remain of a plant or animal that lived long ago

Question: Paleontologist
Answer: a scientist who learns about the past be studying fossils

Question: Artifact
Answer: A man made object

Question: Archeologist
Answer: a scientist who studies the lives and cultures of people from the past 

Question: Nomads
Answer: People who travel in search of food


Question: Where did the Susquehannocks live?
Answer: Along the Susquehanna River

Question: What did the Susquehannocks live in?
Answer: Longhouses

Question: Who were the Susquehannocks often at war with?
Answer: The Iroquois and other groups

Question: How did they protect their villiages from attacks?
Answer: They built palisades.

Question: Why did the Susquehannocks leave Pennsylvania?
Answer: They lost many people to war  and disease.