A Tale of Two Cities - Book 2


Question: Who is Charles Darnay?
Answer: Charles Darnay is a young man who was tried for treason.  He met Lucie, Mr. Lorry, and Dr. Manette on their way back to England where they were called to testify in the case against him.  He later marries Lucie.  

Question: Who is Sydney Carton?
Answer: Sydney Carton is Mr. Stryver's associate and Charles Darnay's doppelganger (look alike).  

Question: Who is Mr. Stryver?
Answer: Mr. Stryver is Charles Darnay's attorney.  He is a good speaker but not as intelligent as Carton.  

Question: Who is Jerry Cruncher?
Answer: He does odd jobs for Tellson's bank and is a messenger.  

Question: What does Carton actually do for Stryver?
Answer: Carton does the "thinking" for Stryver and Stryver prepares the cases.


Question: To be found not guilty.
Answer: Acquitted

Question: Scattered.
Answer: Bestrewn

Question: Passionate
Answer: Fervent

Question: Dishonorably
Answer: Ignobly

Question: Very famous.
Answer: Illustrious

Say What???

Question: What does Jerry Cruncher object to his wife doing?
Answer: He doesn't want her to pray, which he calls "flopping".

Question: What were the people in the courtroom during Darnay's trial hoping for?
Answer: They were hoping for an execution.  

Question: What is the Marquis fate?
Answer: The common people rise up and kill the Marquis for his careless attitude towards killing the child in his carriage.  

Question: What upsetting news did Charles bring to Dr. Manette at the beginning of Book 2?
Answer: Charles tells the doctor that a letter had been found in an old dungeon. 

Question: What does Charles Darnay do to make a living?  Why must he do this?
Answer: He makes a living teaching.  He has relinquished his inheritance.

Sticks and Stones

Question: How does Mr. Carton feel about himself?
Answer: He feels as if he is a disappointment and unworthy of love.

Question: What name does Stryver call Carton?
Answer: He calls him Memory.

Question: What words does Dickens use to describe Stryver and Carton?
Answer: He calls them Lion and Jackal. 

Question: How does Dickens describe the Manette's home?
Answer: Dickens says it is sunny and cheery; almost like an oasis in an otherwise oppressed country.  

Question: What is the Old Bailey?
Answer: The courthouse. 

The Plot Thickens...

Question: Why is Charles Darnay acquitted?
Answer: He and Mr. Carton resemble each other.  The prosecutor's witness was confused about the identity of the person he saw the evening on the ship.  Therefore, Darnay gets acquitted since he could not be positively identified.  

Question: What continues to bother Dr. Manette?
Answer: The memories of the time he spent in prison still haunt him.  

Question: What tragic accident took place in Saint Antoine?
Answer: A child was killed by a racing carriage owned by the Marquis. 

Question: What is the Marquis' reaction to the accident with his carriage?
Answer: The Marquis is very cold.  He feels that the common people are much lower than he is and throws gold coins to the crowd and the child's father for "compensation".    

Question: What promise does Darnay make to Dr. Manette?
Answer: Charles says he will reveal his true family name on the morning of the wedding.