January 17 2013


Question: What day and what time is the Presidential Inauguration?
Answer: January 20 at noon

Question: How often do we elect a new president in the United States?
Answer: Every 4 years.

Question: What happens after the Inauguration?
Answer: The President will give a speech, and later in the evening there will be many parties in Washington DC.

Question: On Inauguration Day, the Vice President is also sworn in. Who is the Vice President of the United States?
Answer: Joseph Biden.

Question: Who swears in the President?
Answer: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Barack Obama

Question: Where was Barack Obama born?
Answer: In Hawaii.

Question: Where is Barack's father from?
Answer: Kenya.

Question: George Washington was the 1st president of the U.S. Obama is the ________th President.
Answer: 44th.

Question: What was Barack's job before he was President?
Answer: He was a Senator of Illinois.

Question: What are Obama's 2 daughters' names?
Answer: Sasha and Malia.


Question: Last weekend we went to _________________ Lake Berryessa for some fun.
Answer: (nothing)

Question: Does you name start with _____________ "M"?
Answer: an

Question: I would like to eat _________________ same thing we ate yesterday.
Answer: the

Question: __________ boy in the corner is my neighbor's son.
Answer: The

Question: Can you cut me _________ slice from that chocolate pie?
Answer: a


Question: What is the plural of woman?
Answer: women

Question: What is the plural of child?
Answer: children

Question: What is the plural of fish?
Answer: fish

Question: What is the plural of goose?
Answer: geese

Question: What is the plural of diagnosis?
Answer: diagnoses

Verb Tenses

Question: Lisa __________________ (eat) chips every day.
Answer: eats

Question: I ________________________ (study, not) right now.
Answer: am not studying

Question: I __________________(go) to Hawaii 2 times.
Answer: have gone

Question: I ___________________ (drink) a bottle of wine when you called.
Answer: was drinking, had drunk

Question: I will call you before I ______________(get) home.
Answer: get