Question: Ottersoi
Answer: Tortoise!

Question: Tellingnite
Answer: Intelligent

Question: Racoonvirus
Answer: Carnivorous

Question: Recallattrip
Answer: Caterpillar 

Question: Neatgiveto
Answer: Vegetation


Question: Define vast.
Answer: Vast means really big.

Question: Define pond.
Answer: A pond is a small pool of water which is often found in someones back garden.

Question: Define interact.
Answer: Interact means to communicate or connect.

Question: Define omnivore.
Answer: An omnivore is an animal that eats meat as well as plants.

Question: Define strategically placed.
Answer: Strategically placed means that something has been placed in a specific place to make smart use of it.


Question: What does bi mean?
Answer: Bi means 2.

Question: What does ped mean?
Answer: Ped means foot.

Question: What does tri mean?
Answer: Tri means three.

Question: What does eco mean?
Answer: Eco means ecology or ecological.

Question: What does trans mean?
Answer: Trans means to cross.


Question: What does ess mean?
Answer: Ess means female.

Question: What does est mean?

Answer: Est means most.

Question: What does phone mean?
Answer: Phone means sound.

Question: What does like mean?
Answer: Like means the same or similar.

Question: What does ward mean?
Answer: Ward means in the direction of.


Question: An an African elephant is the world's largest animal.
Answer: What is the world's largest animal?

Question: The animal with the longest lifespan is the giant tortoise.
Answer: What is the animal with the longest lifespan?

Question: Dolphins, sharks, shellfish and so on.
Answer: Which animals live in the sea?

Question: 1.5g
Answer: What does a hummingbird sometimes weigh?

Question: The Quasihesma.
Answer: What is the name of the world's smallest bee?