computer class

Question: ducks on what
Answer: quack

Question: how many ducks on quack where there
Answer: 4

Question: claire the what?
Answer: Bear

Question: who was hilary
Answer: aiden


matt was usernames had hows name in them

Answer: claire

Question: control c is...
Answer: copy

Question: paste is..
Answer: control v

Question: control x is...
Answer: cuts

Question: print is...
Answer: control p

Question: double click
Answer: selects one word

Question: who looks at kittens all class
Answer: connor


who's the fastest typer

Answer: troy


how made fun of claire on fagario

Answer: matt

Question: on fagario who was a mouse
Answer: molly

Question: who's computer screen was upside down
Answer: claire

Question: adjective
Answer: word that discribes

Question: noun
Answer: person place or thing

Question: adverb
Answer: action word ends in ing

Question: plural
Answer: more than one

Question: superlative
Answer: expressing the highest degree of a quality

Question: feetflat on the floor
Answer: true

Question: be rude online 
Answer: false

Question: tell people your password
Answer: false

Question: don't share personal info
Answer: true

Question: keep fingers on home row 
Answer: true